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Look at the picture, then read the note.
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Yeah, I had a mommy like that...
Jennifer just had her second child btw.
It is funny, doesn't have to be real. :)
I did see the shovel only because Your instructions made me suspicious! LOL
Oh, woow. That is unbelievable. One of my friends who is a 2nd grade English teacher in Japan received an essay that used the word "chillaxing". Kids these days.
Wow i just laughed and laughed
I would cry and then I laughed until stomach rupture
has been one of my favorites for a while. :)
this is also my daughter's dream....haha D:
Yeah, sure Mom. Mrs Jones believes you.
Should I use it... it's so overused... I guess I will... LOL
Lol. Of course always check your child's homework.
thats just too funny but I could see how the teacher might have took it.
that hilarious where do you find crap like this
Thats Cute ... what the child try to express & there different imagination from the teacher ...
The daughter misundertands or the mommy lies...
hahhahahaahaah thats soooo funny where did you get this plz tell me plz plz <3
Lmfao. .. its funny what our minds want to see.
Do we have to revisit every meme of the past five years just because google+ is new? come on guys
HA HA HA When I saw this, I practically fell down laughing.
Since when do they wear nipple tassels at home depot? (yes, you had to look twice didn't you!)
really awesome. I knew someone who did almost the same ^^
I thought she was an "exotic dancer" too!
That is hilarious and cute at the same time!:)
It is not real you twats! And it is old has hell.Check snopes!
That is crazy. The poor mom was probably so embarassed.
wow. when u think about it, that teacher is really sick minded for thinking like that because that wasnt the first thing i thought when i looked at the picture
Haha i saw this at school and of the teachers had it on the staff table :) its to funny 
tht is so funny at first i didn't get and i thought the lady was poll dancing too but now i have realized waht it is because before i did not read the caption underneath but now i have
Great, another stripper. Just what the world needs
when i grow up i wanna be just like that kid
I needed a laugh today, and this sure provided one!
this is freakin hilarious...:D
no it didnt provide me a laugh
aka stupid

ya ibnal calb
Mary M
That is hilarious, how cute!
Hahaha very funny, perception shaping reality right there. hahahaha
You are all perverted i thought that she was selling shovles the moment i saw it
out of the mouth of babs aren't they preacious?
I don't like it! It's a slap in the face of dignified pole dancer mommies, everywhere.
Excuses, excuses...

Seriously, though, that really explains it. Either that, or the mother is quite an efficient bullshitter.
Lol hahaha thats HILARIOAUS!!!
This funny but only because my mom's a stripper. By stripper, I mean she strips then refinishes wood that she buys from Home Depot.
That's her story and she's stickin to it!!!...:))
lol !! kids will say the darndest things !!
Haha phucken classic. Think I roped her last night wahaha
wow its too funny...dear child..
Only macro ! I wonder what this mom though in the letter she must have received from the teacher?, seriously the kind drawing is clear to me as to how much affect the child has for Mom, showing her as a hero, I will replace the teacher, every child will Love to be perceived by all means and first of all Correctly !
Haha,very interesting.
Uhmmmm.....i cant see wat writen realy "coz of my mobile,so stupid".anywise the picture looks interesting and people are,so i'll just lmsbao
Just saying, snow shovels aren't bigger than humans. :P
Very Funny......Moms watch out....Dad's be aware.....
Mom deserve to be punished just because she used "ComicSans" font. >:)
I thought she was a fire fighter saving all those people waving green towels.
Young children see the world differently than us adults. That's an Art Linkletter moment. Very Funny!
OMG, her child definitely should not see her/his mommy working.
This is a good example of being a happy family with proper discipline.
adults: depicted stupids and cranky oversexed! This picture clearly a shows a shovel, Mrs. Jones. You should learn to read - images!
Haha that's really funny!
instead of writing these she could have checked the home work !!
Suuuuurrre mom tell teacher anything, she'll believe you. Check the homework not the pole next time. Too funny. 
Enjoyed that one. Are you doing a special pic for leap day? Remember if you do not get it right, you have four long years before you can try again.
Boye Ab
Lol, I couldn't see the entire picture or the note written underneath though 
omfg dat is so wrong but so funnny
what's that meaning? I cannot understand clearly
That's funny just looking at the picture traps me out what a good mom lol
that is great... i just love it... kids are great.. and teachers are even more silly
LOL! Kids are too funny when they try to retell or draw out a story.
I don't know what's worse. The possibility that she's lying about being an exotic dancer or her daughter wanting to be an aspiring shovel salesman. Lose lose situation if I ever heard of one.
To Tom sparks ... Yeah, but can she sell snow shovels?
lol teachers rarely get anything right :P
God bless those little minds :)
could have been avoided if she checked the homework first thing
Great remind me of a conversation between a parent and a teacher - suzy 5 brought a note home to her parent which said "Dear Mr and Mrs Smith,thank you for your letter explaining you concerns about stories that Suzy has been telling about me. Please be aware that Suzy is in my class Approx 8 hrs a day 5 days a week. OFf you agree to mix salt with everything she says about me. I'll do the same for the things she says about you!
HAHAHAHAHAHA wow that is awesome.. you have to love the kids
Hey man... Nice Ripples. #awkwardcongrats
I am sure daddy would like a mommy like this! :)
Ha ha ha. I remember writing a story at school saying my Mum had drunk lots of Gin and fallen over. Boy, did I get grounded!!!!

Mum regularly brought it up throughout my life and especially to my kids and still rolled her eyes in disgust! I don't think she ever quite forgave me. My excuse was that I was only five :-)
Teacher goes and calls mom,"MA'am we need to talk to you about exposure in front of your children."
Mom goes "But I really didnt do anything. I was selling a snow shovel."
Teacher mutters "More like your selling yourself to buy a shovel."
Mom "What?"
Teacher "Nothing"
Rob M
ZOMG! ! Lulz 
Dear Brian, I know exactly how you feel!!! LOL!!! Years ago, when my son was about 9-10 years old, he presented me with a Mother's Day gift in the form of a coffee mug illustrated on the side of the mug with a nicely dressed lady (in a three piece suit), holding a baby in one arm while she carried a briefcase in the other hand, and her shoes had been replaced with roller skates. I questioned my son about how he viewed me (I was an executive secretary, and I did carry a briefcase to work, and my usual work attire were suits), and his reply was he questioned me about when he could expect to get a baby brother? LOL!!! Thank goodness the coffee mug did not end up at his school, but I did enjoy yours!
While this is certainly amusing, it was funnier a few years ago when I first saw it.
no deseo que me sigan mandando correos en inglés, ya que no lo hablo y menos todavía lo puedo leer.
Omg? Awwwwe....the often misconstrude(?) Innocence of a child...PRICELESS!!
lol thats so funny!!!
Why do people complain about seeing this before? Do they not realize that not everyone in the world has seen it & no matter how old it is it's still funny
oh greedness
Haha :)
Your profile looks so wonderful.
ya like it, have a friend work for home depot had a big laugh
I just uuuuu love !!!!!!!!!!! it much more mmmmmmm kids.......! so wounderful.
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