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Man, book trailers keep getting more sophisticated, with great production values (this one's by +Brian Solis). I need to think about this for Entreproducer.
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+Michael Durwin -- If the person knows what they're doing and has good shooting, editing, and aesthetic sensibilities (not to mention access to decent voice-over narration and music). Please don't perpetuate the myth that all it takes is an iPhone... or Final Cut... or InDesign... or Photoshop... or whatever tool. From what I see in your profile, I know you know better, but so many people think the tool makes the artist.
+Brian Clark +Brian Solis With a trailer like this it better be the best damn business book I ever read :)

I kept looking for Bruce Willis jumping out from somewhere yelling "Yippee-Ki-Yay, Motherfucker" but sadly to no avail :-/
+Jan Hemmingsen My book trailer will definitely have a yippe-ki-yay moment. Why would I do one otherwise? ;-)
Lemme know if you want some help. You know we'll make it ROCK!
+Michael Durwin As I mentioned, I'm positive you know better, and great point about the apps. I just circled you because I'd love to see how your experiment goes. I was involved in some guerrilla videomaking about 20 years ago in the days of 3/4-inch -- feature in a weekend, one-location feature, all-improv, that sort of thing -- so I love seeing what can be done.
Perhaps book trailers will help trick 25-year-old guys to set down the Wii controller and pick up a book. Yeah, you're right, probably not.
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