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Alright, what to do in this situation?

6 months ago, I took my daughter for skin irritation to our primary physician who is covered under our health insurance. He then referred us to specialist and he told us the specialist is also covered under our medical policy. We went to the specialist and they told us we are covered under our policy. We paid our copay and everything taken care of.

6 months later, we get call from Henry Ford saying the specialist isn't covered under our policy and wants me to pay up. I called our primary physician and they tell us to call the specialist, I call specialist and they tell us to call Henry Ford, I call Henry Ford and they tell us to contact insurance company, I call insurance company and they tell us to call the specialist.... meanwhile, Henry Ford is threatening to hand it over to collection agency. It's not a lot. Only $160. I just don't think I should pay for it out of principle.

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Beverly Center Renovation.  Worked on it for 3 years and just now able to share it since it was announced on March 7th.

Getting tired of the stupid fireworks.  It's the 5th already.

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I need help getting rid of this Adware extension on my Chrome.  I searched on Google and the source of this thing seems unclear.  So far, I did:
1.  Tried looking for it in Add or Remove Programs.  It's not there.
2.  Reset Chrome.  It comes back.
3.  Ran Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.  Doesn't find it even with full scan.
4.  Uninstalled Chrome.  Deleted everything that says Google.  It comes back upon reinstall of Chrome.
5.  Went to AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/UserData/Default/Extensions/  And there is a folder with that ID.  I deleted it.  Also searched for that ID in Registry and deleted them all.  The extension folder comes back.
6.  Only occurs on Chrome.  It's not on IE.
7.  Only occurs on this PC.  Not on my Laptop or Surface Pro 3 even tho they all share same account.

I'm about to remove Chrome and move over the Firefox if I can't find solution.

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Haven't laughed this much in a while when I saw it on TV.  He was transforming into Super Saiyan.
Be ready in a sec, just have to do my hair. #HappyFriday #tGIF  

h/t to +TwistedSifter for this top notch gif.
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Many remember him for Maverick.  I remember him for Grand Prix.  RIP James Garner.

It's impossible to find intelligent life form....

at Comcast.

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Why would it crack there? POS

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Some japanese have no shame about its past.
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