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Owner of Adapt Marketing Inc.

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Facebook has some issues they are going to need to address very soon: Facebook Fraud 

This proliferates from spam like this. Just makes me laugh but a serious underbelly of the 'social' world revolves around this activity on the paid side and organic side. 

Name - Adam
Company - google
Phone - 8774104002
Email -

Topic: Promote with social media :)

Hi there! 
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I had my Pinterest account compromised late last week and wanted to bring others up to speed with that is going on, in part a theory of mine but I have seen patterns that make this probable. This is what I have noted:

1) hacker identifies large following twitter accounts
2) takes said list of twitter IDs and then brute forces PW's on Pinterest for the same user ID
3) pushes the spam out via your twitter account that is connected
4) takes your email address they found via Pinterest and attempts to hack it as well as they continue down the chain.

My main questions is:

1) What on Pinterests end are they not doing to make it so easy to get into? 

What you should do:

1) dont connect to new services with your Twitter or FB accounts, try to create new accounts without connecting them.
2) create unique PWs like this for every site: L*ti0$V!8BfFrW31W6gXpgeF and use a PW storage service
3) Use multiple email addresses for social networks like this that way if they get into that email as well they can have fun seeing your back and forths with your grandma and not your CC details.

I am curious if others are having the same problem or perhaps there was an exploit on Twitters end that I am overlooking that allowed this to happen.

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"Once I realized that finishing, not starting, was the key, I started putting emphasis on it. I’d finish projects that had flaws"

To me the oncoming of social over the years has been one of the biggest disruptions to people building good websites and seeing increased competition in the SERPs.

Its unbelievable to me how many businesses waste the amount of time they do building a 300 person Twitter following, meanwhile their site is 4 pages big and gets 7 daily unique visitors.


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Do you think the average Google user can even tell where Ads end and Organic starts?
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