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HowTo: Skitch to Evernote to IFTTT to ANYTHING


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With Facebook Timeline rolling out in a week, you may want to Mass Delete Friends on Facebook. Here's how to do it

I do love me a convoluted hack. "How to post to Google+ using email"

Can you recommend a great blog that covers the China mobile market in a way that will help western entrepreneurs figure out what matters in the confusing and hyper-fragmented China market…

App stores
Local mobile browsers
App billing strategies

"Consumerized devices with over-the-air updates on a 12 month cycle are five times more agile than a traditional corporate Windows desktop."

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Send images that are tagged as 'you' in Facebook to Evernote

Just use this IFTTT recipe

I found this worth the time to read.

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How to create a link to any Evernote note so it will launch from your Mac desktop
Sometimes you might want to have a quick, direct link to the contents of a note which is stored in your Evernote…

1. Open Evernote, browse to the note you want to have linked from your desktop.
- Right click the note and click "Copy Note Link"
2. Goto favorite web browser (I use Chrome, so this is based on Chrome specifically) and bookmark any webpage.
3. Open Bookmark Manager and locate the bookmark just created. Right click the bookmark and...
- Edit the Name to something that has meaning to you
- Edit the URL address of the bookmark by pasting in the Note Link address which should still be in your clipboard (because you copied it in step 1)
4. Click and drag the bookmark from Bookmark Manager to your desktop.
5. Double click the new link on your desktop. In the dialog window that opens, select "launch with application"

Now, whenever you need to quickly access the target note, just double click the new link on your desktop.----

If you like this tip, please share it with your circles.

Just announced. Skitch acquired by Evernote. Yay!!!

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