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Good Morning

Coffee is served. Hope you're all having a great #throwbackthursday

#goodmorning #coffee
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A Long
Cheers +Brian Buckley 
Testimony to Treating The Cause

Ever get the feeling that your doctor is just treating your symptoms? Read the testimonial and see how much more effective treating the cause can be.

Via +Dr. John Cassone
#wellness #rootcause
Awesome Patient Testimonial
I discovered this one on Yelp.

I started seeing Dr. Cassone a year ago for migraines.  I had worked with specialists for nearly a decade and had gotten no where. After a frightening stay at the hospital where I was told I might possible need brain surgery I went to see Dr. Cassone as a last resort before surgery.  He spent a lot of time with me and really paid attention to what I said and how I felt. Then instead of treating my symptoms of pain he started treating the causes.  2 days later I realized something was different. It was the first day in over a decade that I didn't have a headache.  I went from having a few migraines a month to none at all.  He has saved me a fortune in co-pays, medication, and time off of work.

On another note, my husband and I had been trying to get pregnant with no success for almost 6 years. When I asked Dr. Cassone about this he said pregnancy is often a side effect of good health.  He focused on getting me healthy.  6 months after starting treatment I found out I was pregnant.  We are expecting our little girl on June 6th.

Thank you so much for everything!!!!!!
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+Brian Buckley Oh, I agree -- we should and must expect better. Heck, we should demand better, and be irate when we don't get it.

One of the temptations and pressures that healers face is the fact that the public, by and large, doesn't expect and demand better. By saying that, and by saying what I wrote originally, I'm not absolving the medical profession of collective responsibility in this quagmire. I'm only saying there's a lot of accountability to go around, and we -- as patients -- can't duck our share of it.
Goodnight Googlers

Sunset from our driveway tonight. In about four hours or so the blood moon should be starting to happen. 

Have a great night.

#sunset   #sunsetphotography   #goodnightgoogleplus  
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+Brian Buckley here it was a snowstorm so we saw nothing 
Good Morning

I think Tim Burton's been in my back alley. It's #spooky this morning!

#goodmorning #moon
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Do You Know People  Who  Music?

Hello Googlers. I need your help. My Music Circle is sadly out of date and I'd like to fix that. So, I plan to curate a circle of awesome people who live music every day and then share it with all of you.

My "new" circle is open to:

People who work in the music biz:
eg. +Ryan Van Sickle +HEATHER FAY +Motavis Jones 

People who write or post about music
eg. +Seth Meister +Steven Wallace 

People who love music and post about it a lot:
eg. +IVY GRYN 

Music genre doesn't matter to me - circle is open to all genres. I will not include the music megastars with millions of followers in this circle. My goal is to make a circle who a lot of plussers may not already be familiar with and share them in a circle.

Please nominate people for the circle by tagging them in comments for this post. If you come across a re-shared version of this post please come back to the original to make a nomination.

I will be curating this circle will probably limit the size to around 200 members. To save room for nominees with the 500 comment limit I will be limiting my replies, so thanks in advance for your suggestions :)

Thanks for your help.

#music   #musiccircle   #curatedcircles  
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Good Morning Everyone

Coffee and poetry in the morning via +A Long - Cool and hot all at once!

#goodmorning   #coffee   #coffeelovers   #poetry  
Coffee  ☕

The grand elixir of morning throes.
The great fixer of sleeper's woes...

#coffeelovers   #coffee   #poemsiwrite  
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A Long
Goodnight Googlers

Enjoy the sunset :))

#goodnightgoogleplus   #sunset   #sunsetphotography  
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Brian Buckley

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Awesome Reference For Searching

h/t +Patty Rose

#google #googling
A Tuesday morning #protip  on how to better use Google search...
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That was very helpful. 

Brian Buckley

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Welcome To The Tot Lot

We have a break between games at grandson Alex's hockey tournament. So it's off to a local park for some play time for Lily. That's her at the left of the structure.

I'm pretty impressed with the number and quality of parks and playgrounds here in Coquitlam, which is right across the river from our home town of Surrey.

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And little +Tammy Ireland :)

I only posted a photo with her in it because I figured she would be unrecognizable. 
Good Morning

+Cathy Ranson said to look at the clouds this morning. Trouble is there aren't any here today so I dragged out a throwback sunrise picture from a few months ago. Plenty of clouds and drama. Mt. Baker, which is featured, is a dormant volcano just a little bit southeast from us.

Enjoy :)

#goodmorning   #sunrise   #sunrisephotography   #clouds  
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thanks so much +farah godoy :)
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I'm a father, a grandfather, and an entrepreneur. I love music, sports, and I am intrigued by really interesting photography and art. This is my personal page. 

To pay the bills I help people live the best lives they possibly can in their senior years. Here is a link to my business page Long Term Plan Contact information for anyone wanting help navigating that part of your life is on the 'About' tab of that page.

I love meeting people who can help me:
  1. Enjoy and learn more about music and art (photography included).
  2. Learn More about Google+ and other social media.
  3. Learn more about business.
  4. Further a cause that is important to me, or to them in lots of cases.
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  6. Be more self-aware so I can be a better person.
  7. Help me make lives better.
Interaction and support of others is key.  I love to interact with people online and I'm looking for others who like to engage in positive, meaningful discussions about whatever topic they are posting about. 
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