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Not sure if this has been addressed before but will there ever be an iPhone version of this app? I'm not an iPhone user myself, but I've introduced several iPhone users to binaural beats and would love to be able to point them toward your app. Is it possible that there will be an iPhone build in the future?

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Google will fulfill all Project Fi invites by mid-summer

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Thank you so much for this app!! I love it and use it daily. The fact that you make this free and open source speaks volumes about your character. I'd love to get involved somehow, when I have more free time available.

I have a small feature request. I say small, but not being a developer myself, I have no idea how big or small a task this would be. 😆

Anyway, can you add a timer to the pulldown notification?
So currently it shows:
Binaural Beats
Self hypnosis in progress

Can you add the play time to that to read:
Binaural Beats
Self hypnosis in progress 01:37/20:00

So that you can just swipe down the notification bar to see your current time/time left?

Thanks in advance for considering my request!!

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