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Cincinnati, OH
Contributor to
Modern Day Computers - Technology of the Modern Day
Computer geek, casual tech blogger, computer technician with lots of skills and lots more room to learn.
I am working on developing my Modern Day Computers blog at
I need to put more content on and put in some photos as well.  If I had some followers on my blog that would inspire me to write more and more. :-)
Windows 7 Deployment Technician
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Brian Booher

Nintendo  - 
Now I know I just made some people really jealous. I got #Greninja!
I went to various stores after work to check out their stock and Toys R Us had 4 of these on a table with a bunch of Silver Mario, some Pac-Man, and Inkling Boy and Girl.
I was tempted to become one of those jerks and buy all the Greninja and sell them on Ebay, but I resisted greatly. Other players deserve one at regular price. #ns 
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Just sell it for a dollar more. Its not like lots of people really care for it anyway (from what ive seen, at least)
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Brian Booher

Nintendo  - 
Hello, my name is Brian and I may have an addiction to amiibo collecting.

Up until today, all the amiibo characters I have bought were at or below the regular price of $12.99

Today I decided to get the remaining characters from the first 3 waves that were like super rare. Most of them I ordered from Amazon and EBay are the Japanese versions, but the nice thing is that they are all compatible and they look the same, just the packaging was different.

About half the the bunch that I bought were under the $26 mark. Mainly the ones that were exclusives in the United States stores went above that price range.

I should be getting them this coming week with one, Rosalina, not set to arrive until mid July from Japan.

If you saw the one EBay post that I made of the guy with a bunch of Meta Knights, I decided to order one as it was the cheapest I could find at $30 since they're all sold out at Best Buy.

I'll keep you all posted.

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Exchange board would be nice
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Brian Booher

Nintendo  - 
I know this is kind of dated being written back in February, but at least we can now know where some of these Amiibo exclusives are going without ever hitting the store shelves. #ns  
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This is probably part of the reason why the Majora's Mask N3DS is so rare
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Brian Booher

Shared publicly  - 
Check out my #Amiibo  Wave 4 unboxing.   #Nintendo  
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Brian Booher

Shared publicly  - 
Now that Facebook is able to use GIFs, I can now post this there and really get things going.  LOL
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Brian Booher

Nintendo  - 
Look what came from Amazon today! #Amiibo #ns
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That is the cutest smiles I've ever fucking seen. 
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Brian Booher

Nintendo  - 
For those of you who are big fans of the Zelda games, I think I can explain why so any of you will get upset when someone confuses Zelda with Link. If this has already been explained before, then I'll just repeat it.
How many games have names in the title where it does not correspond to the playable character?
You can see the confusion when the first game was labeled "The Legend of Zelda" and unless you really pay attention, people will associate Zelda with Link since that is who you play.
You can also say it can be said the same thing with Metroid. Unless I got greatly involved with the game, I would have never thought that Metroid is the boss.

Just my thought. #ns
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People confuse Link and Zelda now because they think being an idiot is trolling. "Jokes on them, I was only pretending to be retarded."
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Brian Booher

Shared publicly  - 
I will never look at those symbols the same way again.  That is awesome!
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Brian Booher

Nintendo  - 
My unboxing video of most of the Wave 4 #amiibo  characters. #ns  
Check out my #Amiibo  Wave 4 unboxing.   #Nintendo  
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Brian Booher

Shared publicly  - 
Ain't that the truth
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Brian Booher

Shared publicly  - 
My new additions to my #Amiibo collection. #Nintendo. 
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Brian Booher

Shared publicly  - 
Let's check out the new Amiibo characters that were released on May 29.
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Brian Booher. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Nintendo Amiibo Wave 4 unboxing
Sun, May 31, 6:38 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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