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I've been working on a photography project for the last two weeks that involves flowers (yes flowers) and I've had a few laying around the house.  Tonight I took a few shots with my iPhone, totally unrelated to the other project, and started playing with G+'s editing tools.  Here is one of the shots I was toying with.  I have to say, totally impressed with what you can do with a phone and +Google+'s editing toys.  

BTW , I hope to share the flower project soon.  So far there's been a ton of failure but progress is being made.  

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Glad you're enjoying the photos editor, +Brian Bonham.

CC +John Nack +Aravind Krishnaswamy
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Resting in the Fields

Happy Friday everybody!  Here's some tractors doing what I plan to do this weekend.  Rest.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

#tulips   #floralfriday   #oregonlandscapephotography  

Prints available:
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Is that a pink tractor in back? I'm in love:)
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Tulips From Above

This morning I drove out to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm for a sunrise shoot with +Sheilia Millier.  The sunrise didn't have much color but the sun did shine after appearing over the cloud bank that blocked the sunrise color.  After we wandered the fields for a time I got out my +DJI Innovations Phantom 2 with +GoPro attached and flew it above the fields to get a a birds eye view of the farm.

With a little crop and a touch of love in Lightroom here's a still from from the video I captured. 

#gopro   #phantom2   #tulips  
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Brian Bonham

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Path to the Giants

The rain may have chased us from our campsite but it didn't stop us from exploring the Stout Grove.  You can't tell from the photo but the rain was coming down in buckets.  This is one of those times I was glad that the D300s has weather sealing.

We hiked around for over an hour just taking in the grandeur of these magnificent trees.  We came across one that had fallen recently and my bet is that it make quite the sound when it came down.  It had to be more than 8' in diameter.  

I'm already trying to find a time to get back down here.  Maybe it'll happen this summer when the footbridge over the Smith River is in place. 

Prints available:

#redwoods   #stoutgrove   #jedediahsmithredwood  
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No kidding. Beautiful place. 
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Happy Easter to you! May you enjoy your day with family, friends, and loved ones.

#heisrisen #happyeaster #iphoneography
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Happy Easter!
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Water Painting

Sometimes it's the simple things that give me pleasure.  Like sitting in my garage today brewing beer while smoking a nice cigar and watching Game of Thrones.   No interruptions, no meetings to attend, no taxi duties for the kids, and no one calling my name wanting something.  Yes, that is a pretty good day.  I felt as chill as these rocks just hanging out as the world hurries passed them.

Prints available: 

#metaphorforlife   #landscapephotography   #homebrewing   #beerisgood  
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Love the soft colors and textures
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Pink Deeres

Oh man, looks like someone's been busy since last tulip season.  There's a baby tractor at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm.


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+Cameron Seward haha, what else are tractors for?
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Rock On

So I discovered that one of my coworkers makes custom guitars as a hobby.  A little chit-chat about it and I got one in my hands to play with.  This is one of his first and I believe his favorite.  I couldn't resist the burled wood and beautiful craftsmanship.  Outside of the metal hardware and  pickups all of this guitar is his handy work.  

Back in the day I dreamed of being a guitarist in a band.  I practiced and played a bit but never quite got good enough to hit the bigs.  I play a mad G,C, D progression.  I still tinker a little with a $50 Fender I bought back in college but mostly spend my free time on the photography fun.

I set up my ultra professional, big expense studio in my living room today and shot a few pics of this finely crafted instrument.  And one of me playing it for good measure.  

#customguitar   #guitar   #trevillian  
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+Rob Dweck agreed, that wood is amazing. 
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Rains, Redwoods, and Noah

The plan for this weekend was to spend four days and three nights in the Redwoods with my son. A few peeps were going to join us but +Amy Heiden was the only one that could have made it. Lucky for here Starbucks in Crescent City has Google sponsored wifi.

When we got to Jedediah Smith State Park there was a light rain, nothing that would bother an Oregonian. Slowly throughout the evening the rain progressively got a little thicker. By the morning it was getting a bit ridiculous. I knew the forecast called for rain but I didn't think it would be a monsoon, typhoon, clown sized buckets of water, or whatever you call rain that soaks you to your unders and puts your tent in an inch and a half of water in about an hour. I'm a seasoned Oregonian that has hiked, backpacked, and camped in the rain countless times but this was ridiculous. It was time to have a chat with the boy.

So after some thinking and discussing we decided to run to town to get a signal off to Amy to turn around and avoid the flood. We got back to camp and threw all of our soaked gear in the car and drove off to find the Stout Grove. A short drive and a half mile swim hike, we were standing in one of my favorite places on the planet. We walked around and took photos for about an hour before walking back up the trail to start the drive home.

This iPhone pano will never do it justice and only give a slight taste of the beauty and magnificence this place holds. The trees look like they touch the sky. The green is as perfect of a green as this earth can provide. And the memories of all the visits I've had here since I was a child will be cherished for a lifetime. And lastly I learned one thing, if you are going to travel with a twelve year old I hope he's as rad and easy going as mine: not a single complaint the whole trip. Not. One.

#iphoneography #redwoods

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We did drive through the Redwoods on the way back to Eugene. Hiked for a couple of hours at Prairie Meadows between downpours. Would like to go back in May.
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