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Cath Murphy originally shared to Domestic Hell:
Remember. Someone cares.
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Because #BACON
That kind of day was the inspiration for this little snack, and by 'little snack', I mean..uh, not little at all..haha! There's really nothing small about bacon or cheese, especially when you put them together and uhhh..fry them, but sometimes you just have to do it! ~And I did.
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Brian Blakesley

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A Storm is Coming !! Storm trooper Lamborghini Huracan & F-22 Jets are ready to Take on <3
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Brian Blakesley

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Via flickr
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Brian Blakesley

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Via Charles Bodi on flickr
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Brian Blakesley

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Brian Blakesley

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A "Big hole in the ground"
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description is highly accurate =)
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Have him in circles
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Brian Blakesley

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This is why I won't ever be allowed to own Tesla Coils. :)
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Lol, that's great!
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Brian Blakesley

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Dark sky in Northern Arizona

Was at Grand Canyon NP over the weekend. The first night we were there was the only time I got to see the sky. Rained out the rest of the weekend.
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Brian Blakesley

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Little wet at the canyon
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Gorgeous backround view 👍🏼😎
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Geek, Photographer, Artist, Terrible Human Being.
Hello, and welcome to the "about" portion of the program. You ended up here in one of several ways:

1. You're a stalker.
B. I circled you and you're trying to figure out who the heck I am.
3. Some poor misguided soul tricked you into coming here
4. you ended up here by telling Google that you were feeling lucky.

So, In order: A. Eww. Get a life. 2. While I'm mostly a reactive hooper, I do circle people if I think we have similar interests. so check below and see if we match up somehow. C. You should hit that person. Twice. And finally, D. Yeah, uh. Probably not the droid you were looking for, sorry about that.

If you came by because you linked to me out of a photography related community, you might be more interested in, which is where most of my photography activity happens.

When I'm adding people back, I DO look at your profile. If you seem like a good fit for one of my preexisting circles I'll drop you in as appropriate. If there's not enough info to make a call, I'll deposit you in my "probationary" circle until  I figure out the best place to stick you. You are welcome to drop me a private message with a quick intro to help me place you.

Regardless of how you discovered me (unless you're a stalker), welcome. If you are looking for circles to add me to, I'm into the following things:

In general I'm into all kinds of photography. In particular, these are the kinds of things that really get my attention in the field.
  • Landscapes
  • Motorsport
  • Astrophotography
  • Light painting
  • Night Photography
  • Wildlife

Geeky Stuff:

I'm a geek by profession, working as a Linux Engineer for one of the largest domain name registrars in the world. As such, pretty much all things techy are a part of my DNA. These are the geeky things I really get down on.

  • Computing
  • HPC
  • Linux
  • Gaming (PC or table top. I'm not really a console guy.)
  • Ingress (Enlightened) @sixdaemonbag
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Steampunk
  • Comic Books
  • *DRAGONS!* (Yes, they're THAT important to me).


I'm a scientist at heart. That probably explains my profound interests in science in general. In particular, I am fascinated by geology and earth science disciplines, as well as by everything related to space and space exploration. I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a kid, and really, that desire has not faded now that I'm an older kid. Some day...


Planes, trains, automobiles, motorcycles, boats, pogo sticks. You name it, and I'll probably be interested in it. In particular:

  • Air Cooled Volkswagens
  • Hotrods / Street Rods
  • Airplanes of all kinds, but especially vintage piston engine stuff.
  • Steam locomotives
  • Rocketry. Amateur to NASA, I loves me some rockets.

Art and Artistic expression:

I love art in all kinds of forms. I'm married to an artist, and I'm pretty creative myself, though I can't draw and only paint by numbers.


I am, and have been, a child of METAL! for a very long time. I'm also into all kinds of other genres, and the better orchestrated and executed it is, the higher the odds are that I'll dig it. I'm not super excited about the top 40 crap that infests the airwaves today, nor am I all that into hiphop or country. My iPod is a mix of thrash, death, and power metal, with techno, industrial, some new wave, some classical, and a lot of Primus thrown in.


If you're still reading this, you'll note I tend to be prolific with my words. Some friends maintain that it takes me 3 paragraphs to say "Hello!" (they might be right, but the jury's still out). I like to write, but I seldom have time for it anymore, and I fear I've lost my muse somewhat.  I still enjoy writing when I get the chance, and at some point down the road I'll get the stories in my head out into the sunlight. Until then, they're my secret. 


I like food. I like it a lot, but I'm very picky about what foods I like. Food as an art form is also interesting to me, especially if the food is tasty. I enjoy cooking, and People enjoy eating the things I cook. What more can a guy ask for?


There's a bunch of other stuff I enjoy as well, but this is long enough as it is. if you think I'm a fit for a circle, add me.

Bragging rights
I own a hat with feathers, and I've worn it while riding an elephant.
I type numbers and letters on a keyboard to make bits of slilcon do my bidding. Sometimes I type to convince complex assemblages of carbon atoms to do the same.
Obfuscation +3, Curmudgeon +6, Trolling +99
  • Large Hosting Company
    Penguin Ordinance Technician, present
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