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Weirdo Artist & Designer


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Started a new #BettyPage inspired piece. Just a few hours plugged in, still a long way to go. I guess working on the #Centerfold painting for @paper_shaper’s #artpeepshow at @cosmicbrewery this Saturday for me in the mood for making some #PinUp inspired art!

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‪Hot off the press, I just designed a new series of #WeirdoSocks exclusively for +Embrace the Weird ! We got an #AngryBunny, a #BadDoggie & a #LovePoem! Available to purchase at: Socks
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I couldn’t resist, every day is #EarthDay and today was actually #earthday2018 so I had to pop up to the @creationovationart and keep working on my painting! Here are some details of the piece and the front of the gallery. For the next week or so, this piece will be on view through the windows!

#weirdart #soutbayartist #laartist
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Today was amazing, I spent the whole damn day in a beautiful art gallery, @creationovationart , working on my #EarthDay inspired painting! I made some decent progress, but it’s all in the details, much of which you need to see this sucker close up! I’ll be leaving this painting viewable from the front gallery window for the next week! Come check it out! You can even see it through the windows after hours if you are just up here to see a movie!

#weirdart #embracetheweird #earthday2018

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I made some headway on my funky #WeirdArt tribute to the one and only #Prince. It’s still has quite a long journey ahead of itself, but I think it’s making decent progress.

Please follow and share to experience it’s creative journey!

#embracetheweird #laartist #signothetimes

‪Has anyone here vended art and or merch at any music festivals like +Coachella or #LighteningInABottle? If so, I’d like to ask you some questions about your experience. ‬thanks!

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Started working on a weirdo portrait of #MarkTwain, know...first stand up comedian...Good with the words...Huck Finn and all kinds of other good shit! 🤘🤪🤘

Total a good way!

#weirdart #visionaryart #embracetheweird #ArtInProgress

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Howdy y’all, I just finished designing my first series of original open edition poster prints! If you want to be one of the first to own one of these sweet posters, please support me for at least 5 bucks on Patreon and I’ll send ya your favorite signed!

Which one is your favorite?

Top Row From left to right:
01 - Don’t Upset The Angry Bunny!
02 - Dante’s Inferno Room
03 - Weirdo Surfer
04 - Big Michael, Little Michael, Family And Friends

Bottom Row From Left to Right:
05 - The Dude Abides
06 - Licky Dragon
07 - Post-Apocalyptic Power Head Gear
08 - The One-Eyed Hexa-Cow!

My Patreon:

#WeirdArt #PosterArt #biglebowski #beetlejuice #michaelmyers #embracetheweird

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Poster number four is complete, please meet, “The One-Eyed Hexa-Cow!”

What do you all think?

#posterart #weirdArt #monsterart #posterdesign #embracetheweird

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I got back to work on my “One-Eyed Octo-Cow”, time to turn this sucker first into a poster print, then into a tshirt! But I must finish his tentacles first!

#monsterart #weirdart #digitalart #embracetheweird #popsurrealism #LAArtist
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