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My current quest:
1. Find a printery here or in Oz to do UNSW required copies and ship them there.
2. Find a printery here (probably) to do extra copies and ship them around.
3. Figure out who wants extra copies.
4. Figure out how to order my quest tasks in the right order. I've heard it's a skill Doctors have...
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Did you check you, and other PoD services? Doesn't the UNSW have a printing shop?
I'll have a look at my thesis and see who I used. They were in Sydney. Get some printed and bound and sent straight to the Chancellory. 
Send an electronic one to me and one to Paul Zulli (since I'm not at BlueScope anymore).
5. Find a tenure track job where you can advise a certain person to get theirs back on track.
This sounds suspiciously like cow-clicker related activities. (You received +14 tenure points)
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