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Brian Baligad
The journey is the reward
The journey is the reward

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This came out pretty glitchy. Made with free software.

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Curly Q

I think it's time for more shenanigans under the pier!

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A drive failed in my btrfs array that has four encrypted disks:

Label: 'hogwarts' uuid
Total devices 4 FS bytes used 3.13TiB
devid 1 size 3.64TiB used 2.17TiB path /dev/mapper/gryffindor
devid 2 size 3.64TiB used 2.17TiB path /dev/mapper/slytherin
devid 4 size 2.73TiB used 1.24TiB path /dev/mapper/ravenclaw
* Some devices missing

The bad drive didn't even show up in the bios. So I pulled it out and plopped in a new drive to replace it:

# btrfs replace start 3 /dev/mapper/hufflepuff /mnt/hogwarts

Optionally watch it progress for a while:
btrfs replace status /mnt/hogwarts
Started on 10.Apr 12:40:05, finished on 10.Apr 15:13:14, 0 write errs, 0 uncorr. read errs

Good as new!

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I missed seeing my old headless desktop, so now we're friends again! 

ChunkyReader is hands down my favorite comic reader for iPad. But it doesn't play well with vsftpd out of the box. The app uses libssh for ftp connections. This library uses the Extended Passive file transfer mode, which doesn't appear to be implemented in vsftpd as of yet. I've confirmed this on version 3.0.3. The app will authenticate to the server and then send the EPSV command, after which the connection just hangs until a timeout occurs. Since version 2, vsftpd has a cmds_denied parameter. So I blocked extended modes in my configuration:


This causes vsftpd to respond with a "550 Permission denied" message to the app. The app then tries the regular PASV mode and the connection succeeds!

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Google AI Is Starting To Figure Out Where a Photo Was Taken Based Solely on the Background - Popular Mechanics
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