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Another idea I wish I had come up with...
Wait a minute... This guys is a genius. 
Your website should be so simple, a drunk person could use it. But you can't test that, so I'll do it for you.
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Brian Azar

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Had no idea The Offspring had a new single...
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Brian Azar

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“Mustang” is the 16th most common password on the Internet according to a recent study by +SplashData -

The #FordMustang  was the only car to appear in the top 25 most common (read worst) Internet passwords. More often chosen than both “ superman ” in 21st and “ batman ” in 24th place.

We’re flattered of course, but do keep your passwords safe!
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Ha, if you say so ;) lol
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Brian Azar

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Cops to Waze/Google: Stop reporting our locations!
Police officers and sheriffs around the U.S. are calling on Google to turn off police tracking on Waze, the traffic and navigation app Google purchased in June 2013, claiming that the feature makes Waze into a “police stalking” app that puts their lives in danger. Waze is a crowd-sourcing app that alerts drivers in real […]
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Brian Azar

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Have him in circles
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The most bizarre : "In Anchorage, the total snowfall for the entire month was less than the amount of snow that fell in Boston during about one-hour or less in one of Beantown's several February blizzards."
Depending on where you live, February was either one of the coldest such months on record (the East) or the warmest (the West).
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Brian Azar

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Anyone have this happen before? When it's "updating", no contacts exist at all, got a phone call from my brother and no name came up on the caller ID at all. And I haven't added a new account in over a month
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Actually the contacts app itself is not in the battery chart, but two different Android processes (Google Services and Android Core Apps) are shown with a couple minutes of Battery Usage / CPU wake time.

There is now a sync error with Contacts in two of my Google accounts, so there's definitely something going on with Android. I have an Exchange account as well that I'm going to remove and see if that's the culprit
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Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" turned into a Punk/Rock tune... very interesting take on it.
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Thanks +IPrevailBand. I did like it! Heard it on SiriusXM this morning (Octane)... I love it when rock bands take other genre songs and make them into a head banger.

btw, not sure how it affects your bottom line, but I don't purchase from iTunes, and I'd venture to say most people on G+ don't either. Found you on Google Play though ;)
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Brian Azar

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'Just taaap it in... taaap it in.' Chubbs Peterson aka Carl Weathers turns 67 today:

What's your favorite quote from 'Happy Gilmore'?
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