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Well, I didn't take the road less traveled, I wandered off into the woods.
Well, I didn't take the road less traveled, I wandered off into the woods.


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So, again...I was there at the beginning of Google+. At one point, we were offered a choice of using our full real names, instead of using a series of random numbers, for our custom URL. At the time, I was given no choice of using anything else, it was either my full name, or a long random string of numbers, so I chose to use my full name.
Now, some years later, though I am not hardly using +Google+ atm,
I do have 6k+ followers, and many photos and albums posted to my account. I currently seem to have the choice of:

A. Maintaining the current account which uses my full name, making me way more accessible and easy to find through the internet.

B. Deleting the account, losing years of posting, interactions, and 6k of hard earned connections.

I feel this is very unfair, especially as, at the time, no alternative for a custom URL was offered other than using my full name.

I seem to have the same issue with my youtube channel.

Is there really nothing else I can do?

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Dear #Google   #googledrive  In this environment of system SSDs and Raid Data Drives, don't you think it might be a brilliant idea to make the Google Drive folder easily moveable? Atm it would seem, to move the folder off my SSD, and onto my storage drive, I'm going to have to edit two databases and go searching through log files for very specific info about inodes.

I got this info from the Google Drive Forum post by Versonymous on 09/17/2014 and hope it still works it involves manipulating two databases and searching log files. Link below.

Before attempting the process listed in the forums, place All files and folders in the Google Drive folder on your computer into 1 Folder. It will save much time later. The author mentions this, but way down the list, at a point way after it would need to be done.!topic/drive/2ALrDAzESco

Is there no way you could make this easier, or even give an option to choose the folder location on install?

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Rather spontaneously shot from my new phone as I was figuring out the app. #googlecamera  

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Spontaneous self-portrait on a bus. Camera phone and #Aviary

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Experimenting in photoshop today with a long exposure of Dean from Frontier Work on vocals and playing guitar. #longexposure  

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I am still getting increasingly more involved in the local arts/cultural scene in Lowell. I've joined an art co-op/collaborative which is part of the Zeitgeist Gallery, and today hung my first 'Art' piece in over a decade:

Buddha Troll, working proof 1/1, inkjet print on 100% cotton rag matte paper, 2'x3' in 6 1'x1' parts.
Not great photos, or even a great piece, but a good start I think.
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I'm using a custom theme in Gmail on the Web. #gmailthemes

So, this is my latest experience with #Adobe -
I was going through the 2000+ images I've shot so far this year, trying to sort them into collections, and every time I created a collection, I had to navigate back to the main I was wondering if some 'back' command existed as in a browser.
Signed into, and selected forums under learning and support. Selected photoshop lightroom...typed my question, and copied it, because I know the way adobe forums work - if the prefab answers they give you don't work, they've actually erased your question, and you'll need to re-type it to actually submit it to the forum.
Then I realize I've not signed into Adobe forums, though I did sign into I go to the sign in screen, and it is blank, so I open up Firefox rather than Chrome, and it is still blank.
So now I'm just trying to get in contact with Adobe period, look under contact us, and discover their entire phone system seems to be down. They suggest chat, but that of course doesn't work, so they suggest...forums...
And I've just wasted another half hour or so to Adobe customer support that offers little to no support, for software I've been paying $50/month for, going on close to two years now. Not to mention the time it took to type this.

Dear #Google  ,
I am so angry at you right now.
I just discovered that some months back, with no action on my part, you suddenly decided to stop forwarding #gmail   from one of my other accounts to my main account, which had been forwarded regularly for years.
Receiving no notification that this occurred, and not being aware this had occurred, has cost me some hundreds of dollars, as I missed literally hundreds important emails.
Making some change to gmail or your policy, which disconnected my accounts without my knowledge, really screwed me over.
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