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Google expands use of mobile-friendliness in rankings
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Do you have time to market your business?

We’ve been getting the following question a lot lately. “OK, I have a web site, do I really need to mess with keeping it updated or posting content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Google+ ?" The answer to that question is yes only if you want your business to grow. Of course you want your business to grow! 

If for no other reason, having an active (more in a bit on what we mean by “active”) presence on popular and appropriate social media sites helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In other words, it increases the odds someone searching Google for example, will find your business! We know that’s the case, we’ve seen in it spades with our clients who actively use social media in conjunction with their main web sites.

Even if the SEO benefit wasn’t meaningful, a presence on popular and appropriate social media sites simply increases the odds that you’ll be found. After all, someone who previously didn’t know about your business simply finding out you exist is half the battle. Just as your core web site is just one of your marketing tools, your use of social media is another tool for you to “get the word out” about your business.

You’re thinking, “I don’t have the time to play around with Twitter and Facebook,” I’m trying to run my business! It doesn’t have to be time consuming, and for our CMS clients, it isn’t. We can set up your news, announcements, blog posts, even your events to be automatically “pushed” out to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. What’s better, those posts that are “pushed” out, have “back-links” to the original announcement or blog post or event that you created on your core web site. Remember that SEO thing? Those “back and cross links” contained in the social media post/tweet/article, get indexed by Google and other search engines and boost your SEO. So, you get your message out in multiple places and boost your SEO, all by just marketing your business - sweet!

What’s an “appropriate” social media site for your business? If you deal with the general public, it’s at a minimum Facebook and Twitter and probably Google+. If you are in the services sector, a financial planner or CPA or attorney, include LinkedIn in that mix. If your craft is visual, say your a photographer, add Pinterest. 

We talked about having an “active” presence on social media, why is that so important? The days of putting up a static web site are long past. If the content on your site hasn't changed much in the last few months, you're loosing ground. The same goes for your social media activities, if you aren't regularly creating new news, things that are relevant to your business and interesting, you are wasting your time. Your competitors are actively using social media, reaching that audience and boosting the SEO of their core site. If you don’t, you’re at a disadvantage. If your local competitors aren’t really taking advantage of social media, then there’s your leg up.

So what are you supposed to talk about on your site, your blog, your announcements, you know, all the stuff that gets "pushed" out to Facebook and Twitter? Think about it this way - what would you put in an ad? What new products have you added lately? What's on sale? Who's the entertainment this weekend? What are your new operating hours? If you provide a service, whether that's financial services or legal service, or even if you fix cars or repair boats, what tips can you provide to your clients (and prospects) that will help them better protect their investment or make better decisions? 

One last thing about social media - it’s viral. Every blog post, every announcement, every press release, every event should be easily sharable via the major social media systems. For our CMS clients, that’s part of how we design our sites. The easier it is for someone to share a news item or a special event or a sale or any type of information about your business, the greater the likelihood you’ll be introduced to a prospect you never would have found otherwise.
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