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MyScript Stylus doesn't play nicely with Google Docs. There seems to be a buffering problem. A long sentence entered in Stylus results in first entered characters being deleted from the front as more characters are entered at the end once a certain length of input is reached.

Fix this and Stylus plus Google Docs is a winning combination!

Please make the vertical size of the handwriting entry panel adjustable, or add a more compact size as an option to preserve more realestate on the screen.

The product is coming along really nicely!

Come join the inagural meetup of the Relationship Skills Practice Group in West Los Angeles, CA:

Ever notice how others accuse you of being selfish only when they're not getting what they want? We are such fascinating creatures.

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Show your support for Kaiser members and employees. Tell Kaiser management to fully staff all health services and provide the care members are promised when they enroll.

Stand with thousands of #MentalHealth workers to demand Kaiser Permanente (@KPShare) stop putting patients' lives at risk.

NUHW (National Union of Health Workers) goes on strike next week beginning Monday January 12 2015 to protest Kaiser's unwillingness to provide the service for which Kaiser Members pay and to which they have a right.

Learn more at

Show your support by signing the petition at

Come join the inagural meetup of the Relationship Skills Practice and Coaching Group in Los Angeles, CA:
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