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Here's a clever creativity exercise from Daniel Solis and Fred Hicks. Like them, I'd use it primarily as a game-storming tool, but it could work for stories or wacky products or any number of fun ideas. Seems like it would be well suited for G+ comment-space play, too.. Who wants to go first?
Daniel Solis originally shared:
Heyo! Here's a new game for you creative-types.
Pitch Tag. This is a creativity game for two or more players inspired by word association exercises and writer jam sessions. You can play this game over any communication medium, including in-person, ...
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I'll play - want to throw something at me? Then I will reply and throw something back at ya!
Maybe we can chain it (since I'm going to be afk for a few days). I'll start with a title, you pitch the game and then give the title for the next player. If nobody else bites, I'll continue along after the holidays.

Title: Gallery Night
Sounds Good!


Each player owns an up and coming art gallery in New York City. Players vie for pieces of art to display in their gallery. Players bid using existing pieces of art in their gallery. Once the bids have been revealed the winning bidder gets to select either the 'new' piece of art or one of the pieces of art bid by an opposing player. VPs are by set collection - similar artist, similar style etc...

For the next person...

Title: Paparazzi

A push-your-luck style game where you try to snap pictures of the rich and famous. The best pictures will involve the biggest stars in the most exotic locations doing the most "interesting" activities. It will be easier to get pictures that don't match all three aspects, but they won't be worth as much. How far will you go to get the perfect shot? Don't forget to get your photos back by the deadline, or you won't get anything!

Next game:

Sea Monkeys!

An area control game where you take on the role of an infamous gang of sea monkeys challenging other gangs for control of the fish tank. Hire guppies to take out your opponents, starve them of resources and/or just simply outnumber and take control. Beware - your life cycle is a very short one - will you be the last Sea Monkeys standing...sorry swimming.

Next challenge:

Through the Looking Glass

This is a creativity party game that combines Balderdash with Apples to Apples. Each round, the Bander, or leader, draws three word cards from a deck and, without showing them to the other players, creates a portmanteau word with at least two of them, for example, Frumious: a combination of "fuming" and "furious." The players then have 60 seconds to write a definition of the word and pass it to the Bander. The Bander reads the definitions aloud and, with input from the players, chooses his favorite, which earns that player a point. The role of Bander passes to the next player, and play continues until one player has three points.

Had a great time gaming with family and friends over the holiday, but good to be home (with internet access)!

Next Pitch:

Lost Colony
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