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Working my way through rehab and the coming season.
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Sorry to hear about the injury. Very good blog post by the way and totally intrigued about the alter-g. First heard about it 2 weeks ago and I thought it would take a while before they would start showing up. So wrong.
Thanks guys. Happy to be running again, even if its just on the treadmill. Vincent, these things are really cool. Just now getting into the main stream. The Alter-G's started popping up in high end physical therapy joints, but a lot of boutique gym's like my cycling studio are getting into them now. There is actually a big demand for them with the aging population and a good source of revenue since you can bill some huge bucks as physical therapy.
I read some reviews about the alter g. All very good, especially for you hardcore folks that run and tri. Glad to read your firsthand reports. 
I feel like the injury bug is going around. I know lots of people with something nagging them.
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