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What would it look like to approach a black hole? To watch someone fall in? I'd always wondered about this, and now this video makes it clear: it's not what you'd expect.
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Whoa that's a mind binder.
Very cool. Dumbhole is my new favorite term.  ;)

I just finished reading +David Brin's novel Existence, which has a good bit about gravitational lensing and how it can be used to create a telescope, where the universe's own gravitational effects form the lens.
Oww being pulled apart for hours it sounds like some kind of medieval torture! 
Where did ya get that pic... I want it! lol!:)
Consider me spaghettified!
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i think it would make you fart a lot.
Je je je . Right on the money.
Not a physicist, but this is interesting, the black hole is not observable, they are there, natures recycling yard.
Sorry, no...they are real and backed up by real data..."observed data" isn't guessing, it's data gained by first hand experience.
The universe itself might be a black hole about 18 billion ly in radius, the required mass density is close, within an order of magnitude.  So there isn't necessarily a singularity inside, but in our case, our black hole would have black holes within it.    Of special interest is a black hole with a curvature at the event horizon of 1g, the strength of gravity at the surface of the earth.  It would have a diameter of a couple of light years, and thinking in euclidean terms, a density about that of water.  What if instead of water, it had a more dense material, say iron, that was formed into a hollow sphere just inside the event horizon.  Standing on the surface of the sphere, you would weigh what you do on earth, if you were able to take a passage to the interior of the sphere, you would be weightless.  Another black hole without a "singularity".    I forget what  I calculated the mass of this black hole would be, it might have been trillions of solar masses.  To husband our resources, perhaps we could tolerate two or three g on the exterior with the intent to live on the interior anyway.  Although, the average density would increase, it might not be practical.  8-)
I suppose the best guess of the finest minds is good for now, science does bring benefits, we've only scratched the surface.I always maintain my faith, otherwise confusion reigns.according to principles of science no energy can be lost, head out into deeper space and that situation is less clear , given huge distances light has to travel.gravity should be stronger, so I am lead to believe, so other forces are at play.
well gas would be escaping from somewhere and your ass seems the easiest=exit.
Neil DeGrasse Tyson explains it pretty well in "Death by Black Hole" 
but just think if you were 1 second out off its time nothing would happen for you is not in its time .
Yes. You're in it. Here everything (even the black holes) are moving away from you!
Black holes within our galaxy might not be moving away, since they are in the range of solar masses, they can have translational motion towards us, just like stars within our galaxy.  The large black hole at the center of our Milky Way may be getting closer since our orbit might be elliptical.
it's impossible to travel inside the black hole
Hrmmm.... The large black hole at the center of our Galaxy is only really getting closer permanently as it swallows other stars and gains more mass (thus gaining more gravity). At what point does it gain enough gravity to change us from orbiting it, to becoming a part of it? Probably not in the lifetime of our entire solar system...
+David Robertson Just to clarify, a theory is a hypothesis we cannot disprove. It's not just an educated guess. If at some point we succeed in disproving it, then we benefit from our new understanding. It's win/win.
maybe we is in a black hole and dont know it.
+Alan Traylor  clarification noted  But when you are speaking of black holes that do exist in the universe, theory is the only way to figure these things out in a meaningful manner . And even then it may not be the correct answer . Who is to know 
And so shall the universe share her secrets.
Thanks for posting this video
Super duper awesome. Saw it twice.
There's a Kim Kardashian joke to be constructed here, but I'm not gonna do it.
i wish the black hole would pay=my rent is too damn high=and also get usa out of continue in election mode =say i month is a long enough black hole .
Don't ever give a black hole money, you won't get any change back.
and i hear if you throw a bag of coal in there you get a bag of diamonds back,
all i know is that this earth is very powerfull=having that amount of water going round at 20,000 mph is a massive weigh to be moving=i would not want to be something that we hit=we would probally go right threw jupiter and not blick a eye.
long winded and really nothing new. Theory is not a fact just a guess. God's mysteries are fascinating though.
I don't buy the compression of a finite amount of mass suddenly creating a Black hole. It is the same amount of mass just very densely packed. 
Spaghettification does not make sense either, as a person would be floating in a relative vacuum and any pull on one part of the body would, in effect ,also pull on the rest of the body do to the atomic bonds and attraction that holds us together as a single mass.

The relative gravitational difference between the head and feet of an average 6ft person, would be miniscule unless there was an opposing force (Centrifugal or Gravitational) being applied to the person (mass) at the time crossing the event horizon of the black hole.

Earth has relatively weak gravity as compared to that of a black hole, so we humans could/should/would be much taller beings if this spaghettification theory were true. As the gravitational pull at a 6ft tall person's head is slightly less than that at your feet..(or is it?) ;-)
Wow!i learned a lot with this! A very entertaining way to understand our universe!
i thought it would be like a hypnotic sort of thing
well its time for a cold beer and turn the black light on and dance.
and one thing i dont believe in the big bang=for you dont know where point A is if you is on pointZ.
i bet the black hole comes in twos everthing else
Still don't buy it. Observation is not nearly enough and there's no proof a dumbhole is actually carrying out what they "think" is a blackhole in space. It could be something else entirely.

Theories based on theories don't equal facts. There's always a hole in the logic
The beginning got em depressed and the end made me feel better about life. Interesting video and definitely worth the watch.
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and to think the aliens =if 50,000 years ahead of us give a shit.
Behind closed eyes we have the ability to re-discover the unlimited potential of our perceiving apparatus and observe particles of light responding to our intention to create a cause and effect fluctuation in momentum to produce a self-embedding cyclone of electro-magnetic current that allows us to bring a past event and/or future possibility in to view. This fundamental function of our conscious awareness is actually nothing new since we encounter this experience unconsciously each night during REM sleep. The exciting thing about it NOW is that, in 2012, many of us may be seeking to re-member how to perform this function during our waking state and "return" unharmed to openly describe our experiences to others with the intention to inspire a positive fluctuation in the way we perceive as a collective!
you only need a hook and a worm from under a rock to catch a fish in the lake =but if you piss in that lake and polute it you will die just like the fish you caught.
and black holes will be the least of your worrys.
+Fantazy Mani Actually you can travel inside of a black hole, we might be inside one now, how comfortable you will be and whether  you would notice being at or near the horizon, depends on the curvature of space.  If the curvature is gentle enough at the horizon that the tidal forces don't tear you apart, you won't actually notice when you pass through it, the horizon would actually seem to recede as you approach it once you are within the gravitational well.  The video depiction of the black hole assumes you are outside the well, which technically is infinity, but for black holes of just a few solar masses being as far away as the orbits of the outer planets is far enough for practical purposes.  In a black hole of this small a mass, the tidal forces would tear you apart before you got to the horizon.  You'll last a little longer if you approach the horizon in a prone position instead of head or feet first.
No one can prove him wrong :D
+Tray See Nope, various other holes in the logic as well. I'm not even going to go into the excessive details of how the idea of how blackholes, by definition, break various physical laws. If they exist they most definitely aren't what we've been taught they are.
Black holes do exist they are suns that have burned out.
3x10^55 grams is the mass of the universe per wolframalpha, lets take that as a working figure:

The radius of a black hole of that mass is 4.7 billion light years:^55+grams^25+meters&lk=1

But what is a mere factor of 3 in our estimate of the mass of the universe?  A black hole of 9x10^55 grams has a event horizon radius of 14.13 billion light years, i.e., larger that the observed universe.  Note the miniscule accelerations at the event horizon:^55+grams^26+meters&lk=1

In other words, there are not necessarily singularities in a black hole, unless it contains black holes, the average mass density can be quite like our own universe's.
Aaargh!  Google+ munges the URLs, the corresponding wolfram alpha entries for the above URLs are.  However, the figures in meters are just so that wolfram alpha will give you the conversion to light years, you can get that by just clicking on the figure it returns:

mass of the universe
black hole of 3 times 10^55 grams
4.46×10^25 meters
black hole of 9 times 10^55 grams
1.337×10^26 meters
My recollection of the statistics for a black whole with a radius of curvature of 1g at the event horizon was wrong,  its mass is about 1.2 trillion solar masses, the event horizon radius is only 0.48 light years and the average density is about 7 billionths that of water.  A hollow sphere or ordinary matter inside a black hole seems very feasible at these densities.

Interestingly, on the conversion to solar masses, in the comparisons, wolframalpha points out that this mass is about 160 times the maximum mass of a black hole, which its lists at 10^10 solar masses.  I had never heard of a theorectical upper limit to the mass of a black hole.  I'm glad wolfram alpha let me perform these calculations anyway.  If this is true, so much for my hollow sphere of 1.2 trillion solar masses.  8-(

The reproduce the various calculations put these into wolfram alpha:

black hole with surface gravity of 9.8 m/s^2
convert 3.088×10^45 grams to solar masses
black hole of 3.088×10^45 grams
volume of  sphere of radius 4.586×10^15 meters
3.088×10^45 grams per 4.04×10^47 cubic meters
It turns out the idea of a maximum size of super massive black holes is not a theoretical result is the sense of being based upon the physics as described by relativity, but rather an empirical result based upon observations, the process of natural formation seems to be self limiting.
+John Doe & +Glenn parent, the creator is master of all, nothing from nature is ever unjust. Hatred of God is futile and childish, all sense of freedom is just a mirage. Our life is just a gift and a responsibility given to us. We never came here of our own will and we not leave by our own will and he is the master of our lives and our souls. Allah is our creator and Allah is our destroyer. All begins and ends with him. His is all majesty.
The event horizon is relative, with a massive enough hole and curvature of space, the event horizon will not only be survivable, but its passage, not even notable.
You can't see a black hole because it is so dense no light ascapses, so you can't see it, the only known sign is when it swallows anything.
+kiki diamond also the friction of the matter falling into a black hole could create a bright disc of light around it called an accretion disc ! :) So if scientists see a disc surrounding nothing there is a possibility that a black hole is there!
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