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#4 of 24 new G+ features: Never miss a post from one of your friends (iPhone edition)
Curious about the new circle subscriptions feature of the Google+ iPhone app works? Check out the gallery below to learn how to use it and what it does.

Get the app:

+Matt Waddell's post listing all 24 new features: #seasonforshipping
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Circle subscriptions is something we need for the Android and web app versions. All also need to be able to include specific topics within communities.
See my other post about the Android version of this. Also for Communities, you can subscribe to notifications from them, too.
oooooh, thanks. I misunderstood what I was seeing there. What I'm interested in is more being able to build customizable streams themselves. I love circles, but I think their best use is in organizing people and not necessarily as a way to view slices of content. What I'm after is being able to select, for example, multiple of my photography circles and several specific topics from within photography communities and have them all combine together into my customized photography stream. Just an idea from me, some random internet person, but one I think that would be very cool. A previous version of the Android G+ app had something like this at one point, if I remember correctly.
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