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Amen to this illustration (via +Aaron Boodman), but the overall point of the article itself is even more fascinating:

"So all that we see — the billions of stars in our galaxy, the hundreds of billions of galaxies lighting up the observable Universe — is just a teeny-tiny fraction of what’s actually out there, beyond what we can see... less than 0.0001% of the volume of the Universe is presently or will ever be observable to us."
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Just so hard to imagine. But great article and explanations
Cant imagine that , but its beautifull
As the Hitchhikers Guide puts it so eloquently: "Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. I mean you may think it's a long walk down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space."
Great read so in those odds we are most certainly not alone as the only life with intelligence across the Universe - great graphics too
munju s
OMG...and all this while I was thinking "The world is my stage....!"
This article made me depressed! Anything we do is so fricken insignificant.
punch yourself in the face if you just finished this sentence
All of this is amazing, but until we make contact with life outside of earth, it won't matter for most of us. 
Im depressed because of you,Im not even a grain of sand on the galactic stage,I think to much as it is now you ve gave me the excuse i ve needed to stop caring so much about my actions cheers mate lol
Things like this are amazing, but thinking about it just makes my head hurt!
We need to get out there and go beyond 0.0001%, one day, one century...
I can't understand the infinity of the cosmos, in fact it is the conception of infinity that I'm unable to comprehend. 
It's very popular right now to attempt to quantify the unquantifiable . What's the point? It's like saying you CAN divide a number by zero and then explain the result. Move on to real science.
What is more real than understanding how the universe works, including it's size?
How about a shout out to the first guy to measure the circumference of the earth?  Eratosthenes, 240 b.c.  You show the method he used but no mention of the man.
Not something you see everyday as such.
My head herts just thinking about it!
What about the "Muliverse", I have doubts that there is a single "Universe" and that in fact many "Universes" in a greater "Multiverse." Where do we find only one of anything?
I thought it was infinite.  So we can only ever observe 0 of the universe.  Ya?
The universe is infinite but the stuff inside it isn't.
Jason Ansaldo.. Real science has more to do with things that effect the human condition than how to explain the unexplainable. Trying to put a quantity on infinity is like asking the question: "What's the sum of 4?"  These kind of mental gymnastics are about as productive as trying to go from Atlanta to Chicago on a stationary exercise bike. The muscles get built up, but you never get anywhere.
I think the implication of a higher dimensional sphere is that it is infinite from our perspective of limited dimensions.
What I don't understand (and please explain): the end of the document explains that the current measurements show that the Universe is flat, then seemingly jumps to the conclusion that this must mean we can only see or measure a very small part. Doesn't this assume first that the Universe is curved? Why doesn't it mean that we can see all of the Universe and it is flat?
I like thinking about space. Endless possibilities.
infinity is only relative, nature has no boundaries or even the notion of binding  
We all could debate that the universe is forever .but the one say that the universe is flat is wrong. it dose bend that's a fact ,time and space bend that's why we can see behind the Sun !! 

Teferi B. Dorsis
Does this makes you surprise ? Why don't you think of your breathing system , how it is connected to your soul? What if  it stops now ? Is it on  your hand or other mighty power ? can u count your billion cells those organized to make tissues , and those thousand tissues build up hundred organs, these organs make 10 systems in your body .Hiiii, all these cannot replace your soul and spirit because human being made up of three entities =body+soul+ spirit. You may replace your body  by the results of advanced technology , but who can replace for your soul and spirit , only one body that is Jesus Christ who died for you  
The universe its only a tip to mysterous happening .
Mr Gallagher,Einstein showed that you can bend light,and the universe will as well.the universe COULD be infinite . Because we know the galaxy's
our moving outward.