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I, for one, welcome our new 1366x768 overlords. Also, this news is relevant to the Google+ redesign, which makes good use of screens at this new, most-common resolution.
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Phill B
What resolution will Google TV be........
+Doc Harvard - absolutely. Google+ has a responsive layout that works at a variety of screen/window widths. Re: the W3C statistics, I see that, but the point is that either now or at some point soon, 1024x768 will no longer be the most common resolution.
Interesting. Thanks for the post. That is quite a significant shift.


If you want a bookmark that resizes the screen, Create a new bookmark and paste the code into address field.
Still doesn't work great for us 1920x1080 guys :/
the waste of space at the expense of the feed is really odd. hard to imagine the thinking that went into this
+archer rehcra ... what thinking? Google just likes to screw with things that are working ... well ... because they can. The new layout S-U-C-K-S! Some users, like myself, came here because we refuse to get a FaceButt account -- ever -- and now the Google+ devs wants to make Google+ look like, act like and feel like FaceButt. Bad, bad, bad move.
+archer rehcra +Paul Arnote - I'm super open to constructive feedback and specific examples. FWIW, the area for stream posts actually got bigger with the new design: the width of each line of text in a post went from 427px to 463px.
i have to admit that with this recent update it seems g+ has adopted the facebook attitude which is to favor "gimmicky new" rather than tightening up, refining, and enhancing what already works, and fixing flaws.
does the increase include the blank space under the profile pics? if it is actually wider i guess the other elements of the layout have created an illusion that it's smaller.
interesting thing about the blog posts is that all the example images seem to be at iphone resolution so that it looks very logical, but the reality on computer is quite different.
+Brett Lider Since when does screen clutter make for an effective design or layout? Or massive amounts of wasted screen real estate? I personally couldn't care one iota if the width of the stream posts went up by 36 pixels. Big deal! At least my old Google+ screen wasn't so cluttered that I couldn't find stuff. And how is Google+ better serving me by cluttering up my screen with crap I don't even have one care for -- ever. Or by posting the pictures of people "You May Know" that I have no idea of who they are? Oh, and by pointing me to Google services/apps that I've already used for years, like Google Maps and Gmail? What, Google really thinks, after all this time, that I am suddenly unaware of all of these services? Where are the "customization" options that this new design is supposed to deliver? The only thing I can actually do is to move the stupid Egyptian Hieroglyphic icons around on the medium-gray-on-a-light-gray-you-can-barely-see-it ribbon. Ribbons are for putting in little girl's hair, not for my UI. The only customization I'm interested in it the ability to return Google+ to the clean, simple, uncluttered layout that I used to have.
I'm not a fan of this new layout but it's growing on me. I'll have to rethink the design in the way I post and will absolutely have to rethink how I want the scrapbook photos to display since they are now a part of the mouse over for your name.
+Brett Lider Thanks :) Don't get me wrong I love the new layout and it works perfectly on my laptop, just was wondering if you guys were aware of the issue. Don't listen to all the haters!
+Noah Sprent why you feel the need to make such an idiotic comment? haters? i love g+. not liking some of the changes equals hate? oh, please, and if your advice is that devs shouldn't listen to criticism, that's some bonehead advice.
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