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Classics... since setting up Netflix on my kids' PS3, they keep asking for this show in particular.

Well, at least it teaches some lesson in every episode (and I admit, I love The Brown Hornet!) 
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Written by Bill Cosby too - one of life's greatest educators My kids liked it too
Smart kids! Timeless, naturally I grew up on Fat Albert. Some genius in TV should bring back Saturday morning cartoons. I hate my kids don't know the amazing feeling of waking up, grabbing a bowl of cereal, sitting in front of the tv and going to heaven.
+Rex Lightning this is why I am letting them explore the classics this way. I told them how when I was their age, where we live we had only two channels (CBC in English, and French) - so I really only got to watch great cartoons every second weekend, at my grandparents' house.

Fat Albert was one of my faves :)
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