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NNSA Sequoia supercomputer at Lawrence Livermore 16.32 sustained petaflops - running POWER architecture

And you can bet it probably runs Linux, too.
Fujitsu's 10.51 petaflop K supercomputer is pretty fast, but does it pack enough computational oomph to stave off underground nuclear testing? Proba
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Ah, I knew that old iMac would come in useful ;-> Actually, so far it's been way more of a challenge than I'd anticipated, to get the PowerPC Sunflower running a current, fully-functional F/LOSS desktop: 
Main task right now is finding a web browser with per-site control over JavaScript. While Debian installed smoothly, it's IceWeasel is stuck at version 3.x. Chromium abandoned PPC a while back IIRC, So I may check KDE for Konqueror / rekonq, and/or dig into what's available in FreeBSD.
Heh heh the old stuff is still great!


Yesterday's supercomputer is today's smartphone.

The computer that got me through engineering ran at 12 MHz.

This Galaxy Nexus runs at 1200 MHz, with two cores...
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