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Brett Fagan
Taunya Fagan Christie's Bozeman Real Estate, Luxury Homes, Land, Ranches
Taunya Fagan Christie's Bozeman Real Estate, Luxury Homes, Land, Ranches


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Post has attachment - Taunya Fagan Bozeman real estate listings November 2015, 1612 W. Main Street, Bozeman, Montana 59715 - 406.579.9683
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Post has attachment - Taunya Fagan, Pure West Properties, Christie's Bozeman Luxury Real Estate, 1612 W. Main Street, Bozeman, Montana 59715 - 406.579.9683

Post has attachment The Bozeman real estate Market Action Index has been trending down lately, while inventory and days-on-market are climbing. The trends imply a weakening Bozeman property market.
The SW Montana real estate market in general has shown some evidence of slowing recently. Both property prices and inventory levels of homes, condos, etc., are relatively unchanged in the past few weeks.

Watch the Market Action Index (MAI) for changes as it can be a leading indicator for price changes for Bozeman real estate.
Bozeman's market seems to have paused around this plateau. The
Market Action Index is a good leading indicator for the durability
of this trend in southwest Montana.

Taunya Fagan Bozeman Real Estate at Christie's PureWest, 1612 W. Main Street, Bozeman, Montana - Call or Text 406.579.9683

Post has attachment - Late January 2015 #BozemanRealEstate Market Report - Taunya Fagan #BozemanLuxuryRealEstate and Residential Properties. 406.579.9683 - Taunya and Brett Fagan are now with PureWest Properties, Christie's International Real Estate, 1612 W. Main Street, Bozeman, MT serving Montana real estate buyers and sellers with knowledge, expertise, and extensive experience finding distinctive properties. 

Call 406.579.9683 - 1612 W. Main St., Bozeman, Montana 5715

Taunya Fagan is a top Bozeman MT Real Estate and Luxury Real Estate agent with Christie's Great Estates.

Taunya Fagan is one of Southwest Montana's premier agents, offering residential homes, luxury homes, land, ranches, log cabins.

Free TV Ads.  Strong Internet Presence. Real Estate Maps and Photos.

Post has attachment - Southwest Montana real estate update for the Bozeman Montana homes market: Week 1 October 2013: The Bozeman real estate market had been cooling off a bit in recent weeks, as more homes came available and demand dropped, but already this week we've seen some increased activity!

(The Bozeman homes inventory had been decreasing toward late September but our Bozeman Market Action Index had been falling as well; stay tuned...)

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Now, weekly Bozeman real estate market reports with Bozeman home market data at

In recent weeks the trend for prices of Bozeman homes has been upward, making Bozeman a buyer’s market; this price trend may be a result of the improved quality of Bozeman houses being listed...

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