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Brett Cohrs
Faith, Family, Insurance for Nonprofits, Football, Food.
Faith, Family, Insurance for Nonprofits, Football, Food.

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7 Nonprofit Insurance Tips for smaller nonprofits? 

I dole them out in this guest post for's stellar nonprofit blog. 

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Instead of navel-gazing and trying to figure out how you can personally improve in a certain area, ask yourself how that thing you're trying to improve on serves others. 

Maybe that will bring clarity. Maybe it will at least help bring clarity because often the best way to become clear is to focus on something outside of ourselves. 

If your marketing starts to work and you start getting random calls and emails from your online (or offline) efforts, you then have a project management/time management problem. 

In my mind, AMS isn't awesome at helping to keep all my various sales projects spinning. 

What do you ladies and gentlemen use to make sure you don't let sales efforts slip through the cracks? Trello? Asana? Your agency management system? 

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Does your family operate by a code of ethics? 

It does - whether intentionally or not. We all operate by some code or all our families reflect some sort of culture. 

Why not be intentional? 

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I can beg and plead with my six year old twins to go upstairs and get something out of their room. I’m speaking. I hear myself. And they are like five feet away from me, but It’s like I’m not even there. They just keep doing what they’re doing as if I have no authority in their lives as their Dad.
My wife? She’ll say, “Can you go get your book before I count to 10?” Off they go.
I tested her method recently at dinner when one of my boys was balking at the idea of eating a piece of green pepper (after repeated requests over 5 minutes to eat the thing).
Me: “Eat the whole piece before I count to 15. 1…2…3…4…”
Him: “All of it?”
Me: “Yes.”
Him: (Thinking, looking at the pepper)
Me: “5…6…7…”
Him: (Starts going to town on the pepper. Chewing, chewing, face contorting, looking around in panic, apparently disgusted by the pepper, and Mom handing him a napkin to spit it out.)
I count that as a victory for gamification. The power of a challenge.

I know this is about inbound marketing for insurance folks, but...

I have an AirBnB situation - anybody ever place coverage for a client who has a slightly outside the box AirBnB thing (i.e. a fancy treehouse in the backyard)? 

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Are you over trying to make a difference? Don't be... 

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I recommend Lewis Howes' interview with Marc Goodman, author of  "Future Crimes" - a book about cybercrime (or is it cyber crime) and all that stuff.
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