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Datafile for the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game

Solo d10
Buddy d6
Team d8

Avenger of the Innocent
Pawn of Heaven and Hell
Daredevil Stuntman

Power Sets

Spirit of Vengeance
Hellfire and Chains (Attack) D10
Godlike Durability D12
Superhuman Strength D10
Motorcycle (Speed) D10

SFX: Penance Stare. Spend 1PP and target one opponent with your Penance Stare. Your attack steps up to D12 and does emotional stress until you use a different power or switch to another opponent.
SFX: Invulnerable. Spend 1PP to ignore Physical Stress unless caused by Mystical attacks.

Limit: Spirit of Vengeance can only be used in the story once an innocent or innocents are threatened.
Limit: If stressed out, asleep, or unconscious, shut down Spirit of Vengeance.

Combat Expert d8
Menace Expert d8
Mystic Expert d8
Vehicle Master d10


Avenge the Spilling of Innocent Blood
1xp declare a character, ally or enemy, as a threat to innocent lives.
3xp when you take a major step, such as recruiting a powerful ally or joining a team, in order to monitor or oppose the threat.
10xp when you eliminate the threat.

The Many Spirits of Vengeance
1xp when you assist another character using your Mystic speciality.
3xp when you first defeat another character in a Buddy situation using your Penance Stare SFX.
10xp when you either nominate another character to take over as the Spirit of Vengeance, or defeat another hero to prove your status as the true Spirit of Vengeance.

Note: This is based on the current, post-breakout from Hell Johnny Blaze version of Ghost Rider. Also, when you love a character, it is hard to not be like, "D12s FOR EVERYTHING."
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I think all I'd do to make it the Danny Ketch version is get rid of Mystic Expert, switch Vehicle Master to Vehicle Expert, and switch the Distinctions and Milestones to reflect Danny Ketch's reluctant hero status.

Though honestly the second milestone is probably more a Danny Ketch Milestone than a Johnny Blaze Milestone. Coming up with those are probably the hardest part.
The Nicolas Cage version would definitely have d12s for everything.
For the Nicolas Cage version, keep the stats above, but you're only allowed to speak if you're screaming.


Also get 1xp when you pee fire.
Those numbers look good to me. They're high, yeah, but GR is serious business.

Seems like his Buddy and Team could be swapped. But I don't follow the character closely, you probably know better.
Yeah, lately they've been pushing Ghost Rider as a super badass (he's been getting compared to the Hulk in terms of power level, which is a new thing).

Assigning the proper affiliations is hard and probably the biggest struggle. It's easier with the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider (Buddy, Team, Solo since him and Johnny Blaze rolled together all the time) but this one I don't have a good feel for in terms of the team vs. buddy thing. I feel like these supernatural type superheroes tend to clump together in groups, so buddying up is less common than a bunch of them gathering at one time.

I'm working on a full Midnight Sons set of datafiles and I might try to put together an Event for them to post out there. I've done some tweaking for the Danny Ketch version and to make Ghost Rider more consistent with the superheroes in the Basic book, and now I'm writing up non-Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze (who is less powerful but I think has more personality).
I always liked the idea of the non-GR Johnny Blaze. I wrote a proposal for him once. He's like Marvel's good ole boy Budwieser-drinking John Constantine.
Not for nothin' but...Johnny Blaze would be an awesome Sorcerer Supreme. And Anointing a new Sorcerer Supreme would be an awesome Event.

Excelsior Highway: In which Johnny Blaze wanders the dusty side-roads of the Marvel Universe, dealing with the arcane beasts far from the glitter of Baxter Building and Stark Enterprises. These are the back alleys where Nightmare runs rampant, the crossroads where Mephisto waits and the midwestern towns left to pick up the pieces after being smashed by a Hulk.

Now I totally want to play this.
That sounds awesome, Judd! I've actually been wondering how the game works at a single player game and have been thinking about trying it out.
Play by post? And once I'm in town we could segue-way into a real life solo game with possible guest stars and shit.
I am terrified of doing this as PBP because of how fiddly and intense the combat as, but I am pumped enough to try it out.
Maybe just wait until we can face-to-face it? Whaddya think?
Sounds good, but I am going to hold you to it!
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