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If you have any ideas for Tim, please respond to his post!
For my international friends, what are your political fringe, protest, activist, etc. organizations? I'm compiling a list for Mars Colony: 39 Dark, and I'm concerned that it is too US-centric. Please help me make it more international.

If you're in the US and want to help, feel free to post here too. I just want to focus on international groups.

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Bret Gillan

Discussion  - 
How many dice of cash do you think is a good bounty for the head of an infamous bandit leader?
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5D plus a 'lucrative opportunity'? ;)
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Bret Gillan

Actual Play  - 
I just found this community! I wanted to reshare this post - I've been playing a one on one game with my girlfriend and we love it. She drew a character portrait of her henge - Maru the raccoon dog henge. 
Bret Gillan originally shared:
Carly and I played more Golden Sky Stories. Tonight Maru the raccoon dog helped a scared little boy and a lost puppy. And Carly drew a character portrait!
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No wonder she is named Maru! ^^
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Edit: If any of my players are in this community and can read this, go away! ;p

I've been following +Courtney Campbell's blog posts for a while and wanted to put one of his supplements to work. For my Torchbearer game tonight the players are going to be taking on Crimson Calland, the infamous leader of the Red Brigade, a band of deserters, outlaws, and bandits. I wanted to give the bandits a nice little horde of goods they hadn't managed to get rid of yet, and used Courtney's excellent treasure tables. There is a really satisfying amount of detail here. I'm not very good at making treasure unique and interesting, but let's look at the results:

- A bronze altar to the Immortal Lords (I'm trying to think of some good Immortal Lords that bandits might worship), covered in a fine linen cloth.
- A bone carving of a bear of slightly above average quality (worth +1d of cash more than usual)
- A massive glass urn containing a mixture of gold, silver, and copper coins
- An ornate wool cushion with complex geometric patterns

I particularly liked the tables that feedback into the quality of an item and adjust it up or down with some extra details (is it a fine or rare material? is it in good condition? is it really old? is the creator famous?) and I think they fit well with the Torchbearer "dice of cash" system to bump them up or down by 1 or 2.

Thanks Courtney!
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Bret Gillan

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Possibly of interest to you peoples out there!
If you are a comic person, check out my friend's project following the plight of superhero sidekicks.
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We did an alumni spotlight on Russ in last year's newsletter:
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Bret Gillan

Monsters and Men  - 
Giant, Hill

Order of Might: 6
Nature: 4 (Smashing, Bellowing, Hurling)
Instinct: Stuff food in my sack!

Kill: 9
Boulders +1S attack, ranged - make attack actions versus against melee weapons
Stomping +1d attack

Flee: 5
Long strides, +1d attack
Earthshaking stomp, +1d maneuver

Trick: 3
Angry (also usable in Convince conflicts), +1d attack
Dense (also usable in Convince conflicts), +1d defend

Special: If the giant used boulders as a weapon this turn, roll a d6. On a 1-3, it's flung all the boulders available and can no longer use them as a weapon. Unless, that is, a foe flings them back.

Notes: Really simple. I'm considering giving them a 3 in Nature since Hill Giants seem to be particularly dull and skill-less, but just have size on their side.
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:looks around for his players:

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Bret Gillan

Monsters and Men  - 

I posted this over on the Torchbearer forums but thought we could do some brainstorming over here.

So the basics for troglodytes are pretty easy to come up with. You can just use something like orcs as the base or the frogmen from the Petersen Bestiary. But what about their two special abilities. I have a few possible ideas.

- Coming into close proximity of a troglodyte or entering one of their lairs requires a health test (maybe ob 3 or so)
- Losing a drive off or capture conflict with them automatically sticks the group with the Sick condition. This might be too harsh since they're not poisonous, just stinky, so maybe Exhausted instead.

Chameleon skin
- Just a straight up defensive weapon in drive off/capture/kill
- Make it -1s or -2s against ranged weapons specifically.
- Are there many instances where you have PC groups rolling against monster ambushes? I'd set up some sort of ambush ability but not sure how it would work.
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Chameleon Skin shoul definitely give +1D to a Feint, regardless of any other effects!

EDIT: Look at Veil of the Chamelon, a Second Circle spell, for inspiration.
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Bret Gillan

Discussion  - 
Winter Phase Questions

Do you make any special considerations for:

- players who weren't there for all three adventures prior to the winter phase? Say for example a new player joined and only played in the final adventure?
- players who are normally present but are absent just for the Winter phase?
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Winter is coming in our BWHQ game. We'd better think about squirreling some treasure away.
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Bret Gillan

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The prolific +Robert Nolan continues to power more games out, and this one is about slasher horror movies (and it's how I met Robert!). Check it out.
Dead Teenager RPG is available in color pdf right now!
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+John Adamus  I was pretty much stuck, and you got me through it.
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Bret Gillan

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Sorry about the repost, meant to make this public. +Fabrice P has been working on a French translation of The Final Girl. Almost done!
Final Girl French Release... not so far :)
With exclusive pictures for french version

Final Girl arrive... doucement :)
Avec des illustrations faites spécialement pour la VF
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Super. :)
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