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Case Packing Equipment, Shrink Wrapping Machinery & Robotic Packaging Systems
Case Packing Equipment, Shrink Wrapping Machinery & Robotic Packaging Systems

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This year at Pack Expo, Brenton Enginnering will introduce an integrated, small footprint, primary and secondary medical device packaging system! This incredible machine operates as one machine, but it gives medical device manufacturers positive control of secondary packaging by forming and palletizing.

With a low cost of ownership, device manufacturers can customize the machine to meet unique requirements for diverse environments. To create such a dynamic piece of machinery, Brenton partnered with Ossid, another Pro Mach company. The integrity thermoforming machine simulates primary packaging of syringes. Then, for secondary packaging, a case former and top loading robotic case packer are used. Brenton integrated the multi-carrier smart conveyor, developed by Festo and Siemens, to transport shipping cases from the former to the loader.

This is a huge advance for the medical packaging industry. The multi-carrier system can independently route products and packaging to various operations, giving manufacturers incredible flexibility and versatility.

Don’t miss this year’s Pack Expo where you can see our products in person and get a first-hand look.

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Brenton offers retail ready packaging to provide customers with quick and easy solutions.  In this video, you will see the various benefits of utilizing Brenton machinery.  

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Distributed Motion
Manufacturers say they want improved efficiency, more flexibility, and lower costs.  Brenton, who specializes in designing and manufacturing packaging and palletizing machinery, understands these demands.
To accommodate customer product needs, Brenton offers a line of side-loading case packing systems that utilize a decentralized approach to motion control.  This new advance is designed to take advantage of the intelligence and engineering found in today’s drives.
The result –an all-servo design.  Brenton reduced the complexity of the machine and took out the pneumatics, which is the priciest aspect of the system.  In all, Brenton engineers removed over 200 moving parts, which led to a one-third cost reduction. 
Next, a new motor was installed.  The integrated servo motor and drive is what makes the design possible.  And, it is only half the size of a conventional servo system.  Thus, the unit requires less space. 
The servo unit can be mounted directly to a machine, because they have been hardened and dissipate heat outside the control cabinet.  The distributed approach eliminates clutter on the new case packing system.  Now, Brenton uses hybrid cables.  One cable runs from the new machine’s electrical cabinet and is daisy-chained to each motor-and-drive unit for improved communications and power. 
Using hybrid cables is beneficial as it reduces the cabling on each machine by about 80 percent.  This machine looks cleaner, there is only one wire, and the system has a walk-in design for easy operating access.  With a small overall footprint, this machine is beneficial for customers in more way than one.
Advantages of decentralizing include about a one-third cost cut, less cabling, and less energy consumption.  Less cooling s required, daisy-chaining permit recouping energy losses as the motors decelerate.  So, if one axis breaks, the energy from that axis can be used to power a second axis that is accelerating.

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High Speed Case Packing Machinery
Brenton is a leading manufacturer of integrated end-of-line packaging machinery.  With years of experience in the packaging industry, the company has perfected the art of integrating systems to create improvements in packaging lines. 
As technology progresses, Brenton stays current with the times.  Implementing servo-technology applications and integrating automated solutions for unique customer requirements has never been easier.  Companies utilizing Brenton systems range from food to pharmaceuticals, and so much more. 
The product line available to industries include shrink wrapping equipment, case packing systems, palletizers, and robotic solutions.  In addition to these options, Fanuc robotic packaging systems are available from Brenton. 
In 2007, Brenton Engineering introduced a new case packer for high speed end-of-line packaging.  The Series 60 high speed flexible solutions allows packagers to load diverse products in trays or cases on one system. 
Some of the features on this machine include high speeds of about 60 cases or trays per minute, multiple pack patterns, an inline and continuous motion, versatility to accommodate harness and wrap-around cases, and more.  This machine is easy to use and ensures customers maximum efficiency.  Providing rapid, tool-free changeovers, the Series 60 is designed with customers in mind.
Technology features on the system include an intuitive touchscreen HMI, a low-level magazine for loading case blanks, a small footprint, and an easy to maintain design.  The S60 is a blend of traditional packaging and servo technology for high speeds.  This fully automatic system is made with an uncomplicated design and includes options features such as stainless steel construction and NEMA 4 and 4X electric. 
This system is incomparable with a perfect mix of ease-of-use, high speed, and flexibility—all without breaking the bank.  A good value for any  customer, this system is high quality and versatile for packing a variety of products in trays and cases.

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Brenton Engineering specializes in the manufacturing and integration of end-of-line packaging machinery.  As the packaging industry leader, the company provides servo-technology applications and automated solutions for industries with innovative packaging requirements.  

Part of the extensive product line includes shrink wrappers, case packers, robotic solutions, and palletizers for the packaging process.  In addition to these available products, Brenton is the largest provider of Fanuc robotic packaging systems.  

In 2006, Brenton acquired the Robocaser product line from Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed, Inc.  

The Robocaser is an innovative robotic case packaging system that features versatility unparalleled.  This machine is able to pack a variety of bags, tubes, pouches, flow wraps, and other diverse flexible products into cases or trays.  

Of course, when handling unique customer requirements, the system can be configured for a wide range of packing patterns.  Additionally, the Robocaser can pack different products into the same case.  This flexibility and versatility maximizes efficiency in the packaging process.  Therefore, customers achieve cost-efficiency and reliable for any type of packaged product. 

Brenton is powered by Pro Mach, an Ohio based provider of integrated packaging and processing products and solutions for a myriad of companies.  Powering diverse brands, Pro Mach is able to provide product packaging and processing equipment, PMMI certified training, installation, parts, and services in end of line packaging, flexible packaging, primary packaging, identification and tracking, material handling, and bottling and capping.  

As a leader in end of line packaging, Brenton engineering has experienced continuous updating with shrink wrapping, robotics, material handling equipment, and products such as the Robocaser.  The Robocaser works at high speeds up to 360 packages per minute.

Other features on this machine include reliability, unique solutions, a small footprint, and innovative technology.  The Robocaser complements the product line of case packers in both size and quality.  

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Brenton Engineering is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and integrating end of line packaging equipment, such as case packers, shrink wrappers, and palletizers.  Using servo technology applications and integrating automated solutions, Brenton offers an extensive product line.  As one of the largest providers of Fanuc robotic packaging systems in North America, companies look to Brenton for innovative end of line packaging solutions. 
Proving superior quality in packaging, Brenton offers numerous palletized packaging solutions for shrink wrapping machines, case packing equipment, and robotic packaging systems.  Brenton offers case packing solutions and robotic packaging systems for high speed solutions.  The shrink wrap equipment is designed for a solid shrink packaging experience. 
Shrink wrapping equipment offers a variety of features and benefits for a wide range of industries.  With pack style flexibility and smooth product transfers, each application offers a high quality packing experience.  The machines available feature quick changeovers, tool-less part changes, user friendly use, and much more.
Brenton’s shrink wrapping machines include the High Speed Shrink Wrapper Series 90 and the Heat Shrink Wrapping Tunnel T280.  The Series 90 pack diverse styles using quick changeovers while the T280 focuses of dependability and durability. 
The Series 90 is servo controlled and run in continuous motion.  All pack styles can be run on this machine.  The speed range of this system works at a rate of up to 80 cycles per minute.  Product sizes range from glass bottles, cans, pet bottles, and jars.  Shrink wrapping using the Series 90 is time efficient, innovative, and safe. 
For a safe heat shrink wrapping experience, the T280 is the perfect choice.  This machine includes touchable offset outer skin, a plastic conveyor chain, and a stainless steel option.  Additional add-on features are available to make the manufacturing process that much easier.

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