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Several retailers now taking pre-orders for the new Acer CB5 Tegra Chromebook!

This 13.3" Chromebook from Acer will have 4GB RAM coupled with a 16GB SSD and powered by a Tegra processor.  Product should be available around the 3rd or 4th week of August.  These retailers and the little specs we have can be found here, as always:
For the latest in new Chromebook information please bookmark chart and circle me.  
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It may be cheaper when it hits Amazon, because it seems these retailers like pro advantage like to jack up their prices.
CDW just added it at the best price so far, $329 I think.  I added it to the chart
+Brent Sullivan Still seems a bit high considering I just checked what price pro advantage is selling the 2GB of ram c720 with 16GB storage at, and it says $249. $330 seems to be a markedup price, if I was someone looking to purchase I would wait a bit until its officially revealed.
"The Tegra"?  Which?  The 64-bit Nvidia k1 looks quite promising for a chromebook.  Sadly from what I can tell both the 32-bit and 64-bit have the same name.
ah, sad, the arm based chromebooks I've used are SLOW.  Not sure why people bother with the intel haswell chromebooks around for the same price.
The best details we have are on the specs at the New Chromebook chart.  This early on in the game, details are never complete.  The general public won't even know about this for at least a month or two. :)
I just bought a refurbished HP 14 Chromebook with 4 gigs of RAM and a 16 gig SSD for $200. From "". 
+Bill Gunning That HP 14 deal was awesome, I am surprised more people don't jump on that when it comes around. You don't see deals that good very often on Chromebooks.
Anyone hear if these will have Gamestream capabilities like the Shield devices?
I take back my unenthusiastic "yay?".... If I didn't need Intel... I'd get this one.
Seems kinda underpowered compared to haswell.  The K1-64 bit shouldn't be too far behind.
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