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You'll worry less about what people think about you when you realize how seldom they do.
You'll worry less about what people think about you when you realize how seldom they do.

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Where do I go from here?

Relevance is such a fickle thing. These days (who am I kidding, it's been brewing for years) I don't feel that the social circles I've been a part of for nearly two or more decades (has it been that long) have much relevancy in my life - or more importantly, vice versa. I've grown older. I've changed. People around me on and off line have changed. That's life and it's ever changing.

I've grown apart from most of the communities I was part of - bulletin boards, role-playing groups, creating games, hosting communities for the latter, Halloween, and even software development. My head just feels like it's in a different place so far removed from where most of them are now - ahead, behind, or just a different path. And, because I still have interest in most of them, when I try to interact with those groups it's plain as day that they've grown and changed as well.

The question I face now -- where do I go from here?

OMFG, I've never in my 18+ years in software engineering been subjected to Inquisition level code reviews. All the standards are set in stone not just merely guidelines. I get following naming standards and writing efficient code. But some of this is just... Well gonna stay nice.

For example, method's are limited to 4 arguments tops. Any more than that, you must create a STRUCT object with all the values and pass that in instead.

We use CodeRush which tells you the cyclomatic complexity of methods. That complexity can be no higher than 10 and is strictly enforced. If it's higher than 10 it must be broken down into multiple methods. Complexity can go up with multiple nested layers of IF/THEN/ELSE. For those they prefer you cram as many of the conditions possible into one IF statement. Oh and in http://VB.NET you can't use AND and OR. You HAVE to use ANDALSO and ORELSE since those automatically short circuit. I've seen some really incredibly unreadable IF statements let me tell ya.

Oh and my personal favorite. You know the adage "if it ain't broke don't mess with it"? Forget that one. Any method you touch during an enhancement must be uplifted to meet current standards (I heard at one point you had to do the entire class). Original method had 10 arguments? Well be prepared to change the method and every place that calls it. Uplifting one method could turn into uplifting 2 or more other methods depending on how many places called it originally - uplifting exponential. Look I get cleaning up when you have time. But being required to do it is just bad. Good way to introduce more defects beyond what you're adding.

Add a new reference to the project? Be prepared to fix any all issues that conflict with standards in the vsproj file. Man just brutal.

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Anyone know how Tshirt businesses like TeeTurtle legally sell printed fan art? Are they paying licensing or is there some sort of fair use clause for fan art?

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My daughter Evelyn finally finished her #Skylanders Christmas greeting. She's a dedicated artist with a passion. I watched this go from sketch, to scan, to line art, to full blown color. I'm proud of her. Merry Christmas everyone!

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Every damn morning.
Anime: Naruto
Movie: Boruto

How To Wake Up Your Parents

Credit goe to: +Touka Kirishima【Rabbit】 ウサギ. 
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Yeah, that kinda day.
" I think heads will fall " 😨👿😱💀
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