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A penny a minute to the UK?  Biggest bargain in telecom today.
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Short version: If you can choose another company, do it. Terrible service, terrible services. When we first started the service, phones worked but Internet didn't. Several days later, they fixed the Internet and now the phones don't work (except one noisy line in the basement). Missed our first appointment to fix the Internet and rescheduled. Now they've missed the appointment to fix the phones and I've been holding 15+ minutes just waiting to speak to a live person. What a joke. Longer version: There's a reason we switched from Hickorytech ... I mean Enventis ... I mean Consolidated Communications ... to Charter almost a decade ago for phone and internet. Now that we're moving to a location where Charter isn't available, I'm reminded again why I was so glad to make the switch. Terrible service -- the Internet wasn't working when scheduled, and then when we spent HOURS (several days later) waiting for a tech to show up, no one came. When I called, I was told other customers had problems that took longer than expected. WTF? Was your own phone not working so you couldn't let us know? Have now been on hold for almost 10 minutes waiting to speak with a supervisor. (Oh, and that was AFTER getting a persistent busy signal on their 844 number and having to look up a local number instead. Communications? What's that?) I should have known I was in for misery when their salesperson kept trying to explain to me why their 9 Mbps DSL service is so much better than the 60 Mbps cable I have with Charter for the same price, using the tired old "oh, but cable is a shared line" schtick. That ruse got old 10 years ago. Take my advice: If you have ANY viable alternative, choose any provider other than <Insert Name Of The Week>. You won't be sorry, or at least not as sorry as if you make the mistake of willingly choosing this joke of a provider.
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Good service, authentic food, fair prices. Mankato certainly didn't need another Mexican restaurant, but there are others I'd close a lot sooner than La Terraza. It's quickly become the go-to place for us when we're otherwise undecided on where to eat.
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Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: ExcellentService: Excellent
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