I'm seeing a lot of posts about fantasy tabletop RPGs that retread the same elements over and over: subterranean dungeon exploration, women in revealing outfits, barbarians with broadswords slashing at generic monsters, etc.

Challenge: Design a fantasy tabletop RPG that includes none of the following:

Dungeon exploration
Guns of any type
Monsters as simple as those in Chainmail
Women in revealing outfits
Vancian magic
Elves, dwarves, or halflings (added late, so optional but encouraged)

Note that swords and dungeons might exist in the game's world, but your rules cannot mention them.

Regarding monsters: If you include them, either avoid established monsters completely, or re-imagine them. Monsters must be complex and interesting, not damage sponges.

You have until the end of February. Submit your game in a comment on any post I write on this topic. In March, I'll post links to every game, and will choose a winner who will receive a PDF copy of every tabletop RPG I've ever published.
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