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FREE Photography eBook - Extended for another 24Hours. Do you want a copy? It's really simple to get your hands on my brand new Essential Photography Skills eBook. Just follow these steps:
1. Share this post with your friends.
2. Grab your copy here:
3. Comment on this post after you have read the book, let everyone know what you think of it.

Hope you enjoy this book. Please leave me some feedback.

P.S. Give my server some time to handle all the orders please. Thx Brent
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Original post is close to the limit of 500 comments, so I have posted another one here. Thanks for all the feedback so far, glad you all like my beginner photography eBook. Please leave me feedback. Have a great day. Brent
I am buying a Canon 600D in the next week or so. Been out of the game for about 7 years now so getting all the info I can to catch up again. thanks for this +Brent Mail
Thats great +James Lawson-Smith go for it buddy. I have kept the book simple but entertaining with plenty of my own images as examples. I also have links to my video series (some of the chapters are free) so check them out too. Brent
Got the copy. Thank you very much buddy. It would be very helpful to me because I'm a beginner on this field. I'm still learning the basic skills of photography.
Hey +Brent Mail thank you very much mate! you puplished that wondeful and very informative eBook, just went through it and wow, many good information i can use to make my skills better.Thank you very much.
Glad it has helped you +Eleni Messini , that is why I'm giving it away right now. Send me a note when you get a chance to photograph and you start using some of the information from my book. Brent
Great e-book mate - for anyone learning to use a DSLR I reckon this would be such a leg up! Hey people - get it!
If you get a chance signup on my website, I have so much more to add now that I have this eBook finished. Got about 6 videos that are 90% edited, will be adding them in the next few days, including the underwater model shoot I did last week. Stay tuned (maybe I need a few days off first?) Brent
A good book, but there are some small issues I have with it. The photos with the Lego are not a good example. I my opinion there should be three different subject to make it easier for the reader to make out the difference. It also makes it easier to explain depth of field. I do also miss the explanation about the sensor size, since it has a big impact on the depth of field, something I had to relearn when I upgraded to a DSLR from a superzoom. The language is easy to understand and the illustrations are spot on with some amazing photos.
Thank you so much, Brent! I am greatly looking forward to polishing my photography skills!
That's a nice book Brent. Hope to make the most of what's in there. Thanks for sharing.
Great book, well written Brent. Congratulations
Thanks for the feedback +Hans Brauer will consider a different subject matter next time I explain depth of field. Brent
I've got some experience working with film, it's the digital-specific stuff (like the histogram) that really has my curiosity.
Looks like some great material from basic to intermediate. Thanks!
This looks excellent! I can't wait to read it. I'm a beginner in the photography world, and I look forward to growing in my skills.
Thanks for sharing your skill and knowledge!
I think I have fixed the problem with the High Res download, please try again for those of you that had problems. Thanks, Brent
Any problems downloading eBook, please send me an email. Thanks and enjoy. Brent
Being a VERY amateur photographer, I appreciate this eBook. It is easy to follow and makes sense to those of us who have never taken a photography class. Your explanation of F-stops is great & I love the Composition & Inspiration section. Thank you +Brent Mail
I still need to read in detail, but it passes the no-gratuitous-nude-women-buried-in-there-somewhere test. That's a major pitfall not many texts avoid, as learned while hunting for a simple, but technical reference for my 11yo son... Thanks, +Brent Mail
I had a quick skim through it so far, and I think it's a great basic book. The layout is great and it is bright and easy to read. I like it!
I have managed to get some lightning photos thus far, have you any tips - location and placement are randomised, but are there any things I should consider?
Hi +Peter Holland lightning is difficult I shoot, I'm assuming it's at night. If so then use as long a shutter speed as you can. My camera allows 30 seconds and adjust ISO and aperture to give you a correct exposure. Need a tripod of course and umbrella for rain if it's coming your way. With a 30 second exposure you can sometimes capture more than one strike in the same exposure. Look at your histogram and make adjustments to aperture and ISO so that images are not over exposed. Good luck and send me some pics. Brent
oh this is exactly what I need right now! Thank you so much for extending your giveaway, +Brent Mail =)
No worries +Prasanth Chinta glad you like it. Want more? Signup on my website if you want more info. Finishing off some more photography training videos right now that I will send out pretty soon. Brent
Thanks to your book, I finally understood the composition & rule of 3! I guess I didn't really understand composition from the other books that I have (they were wordy). Yours is the best & clearest explanation of composition that I came across. It already made a difference in my photos! The rest of the book are awesome! I'll probably come up with some more constructive feedback in the future. Thanks again!!!!
Thanks for all the downloads, all 2000 of them. Hope you guys enjoy my book. If you missed out there is still time to get my eBook, all you have to do is sign up on my website and I'll send you the link. Enjoy. Brent
Sounds great! Love your photos!! WOW!
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