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FREE Photography eBook - Ends on Monday. It's really simple to get your hands on my brand new 2nd Edition - Essential Photography Skills eBook. Just follow these steps:
1. Share this post with your friends.
2. Grab your copy here:
3. Comment on this post after you have read the book, let everyone know what you think of it.

Hope you enjoy this book. Much work has gone into upgrading it, with many more pages, diagrams and photos.

Because of all the valuable feedback I have received from google+, I have re-written this book in easy-to-understand English, and now I think it explains photography much better than anything I have ever read.
I would also like some honest feedback that I can use for when this book goes on sale (soon), and I want to be the person you think of when you want photography training.
Please comment on the blog, or send me an email (with your picture) that I can use as testimonials.

Have a great day.
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Please comment here once you have read my book. What do you think? Would love some feedback. Thx. Brent
+Brent Mail A very nice book. Easy to understand for beginner level photographer. But on the same time can also be used to relearn what is left or forgotten for intermediate level one. 

Thank you so much...
+Brent Mail  My friend  +Heather Webb  Shared this with me. and I shared it. Thank you.. I am just dabbling in photography but I am learning!  Looks like a really easy read with simple instruction for anyone to learn! 
I can't wait to make my mom read this! Thanks!
Haven't yet full read the book but I have taken a quick peek at it. It seems like it would have some good information that I can use to help increase my abilities.
I like your Marketing savvy. I'll do my part. Thanks
Shared it, started to read and had to thank you, this one is so easy to read, it's not my first book on the subject but sure is one I'm planning to finish for a change. thank you!
Thank you! Great marketing method. It's definitely a book that I will put to use :)
That's great! I will also share with my circles.
Book is detailed yet simple.. I think it can help me to improve... Thank you +Brent Mail
I did. I shared. I confirmed. And i thank you for the opportunity. will comment further in the next few days :)
Thanks for all the great comments, please leave one or two on the blog post. Share the love....I will be travelling for the next 24-48 hours but will check back as soon as I have online access. Hope everyone gets a copy before Monday. Keep sharing. Have a great day. Brent
Just signed up.  Wanted to say thanks!
Thanks Brent, I got the book and read it last night; a good photography 101 reference. I know a lot of work went into it and I appreciate your charity.
Just downloaded. Thanks a lot! I haven't started reading it, but from the cover and presentation feel, it looks pro. 
I just wanted to thank youuuuu! Who knows when I'll get around to reading it, but hopefully soon. I've been wanting to learn how to use my camera to the fullest and better grasp aspects of photography. This should be a great start!!
Thank you so much! I am going to devour this book as soon as it finishes downloading! I'm sure it'll be a great help as I continue my photography experiments. Again, thanks! :)
I'm at work right now, but I hope to have a chance to read it this weekend.
+Brent Mail thx for sharing.... will give it a read and share my thoughts.
Downloaded it and browsed through it quickly. Very handy for someone like me who likes to take pictures but can hardly be called a photographer. Shared it and will start reading it this weekend.
Thanks for the awesome comments, I knew that you guys would love this book. Keep sharing and I'll check in when we get to South Africa. Cheers, and have a great day. Brent
Well laid out book. Nice example photos. I am an advanced hobbyist so I am pretty familiar with all the concepts. The information is concise and to the point. As a bit of an acrobat geek it is nice to have the bookmarks. It is really good general reference guide. Well written and concise. I've seen ebooks that are not free that are not up to this quality. Well done. I would recommend this book to anyone getting started or who needs a good general reference. I plan to transfer the file to my Kindle Fire for just this purpose.
wonderful book
An excellent guide for  novice :)
Thank +JD Liddil for the kind words, and to everyone else for sharing and commenting. Brent
+PAULO BLOCK Is this of interest to you bro I just downloaded it so far OK. +Brent Mail What do I do with it now? will it save to email or what?? So far from what I seen it's well and truly over the top of me, I guess that's what the book is for. I will go through it and give you mi 10c worth, I know I will see stunning pic's. Cheers. 
I finally came around to read the whole ebook, and I'd like to comment on it.

It's a great help for newcomers to the photography business, as well as for people who need the basics freshened up. I really enjoyed reading it and it left the impression to me that it's just about the right amount of teaching/learning and examples ratio. I especially loved the many examples, which in my option is essential for a book on photography to line out the things you want to teach - theory is only as good as the examples that support it.

Anyway, I'd like to thank +Brent Mail for writing this ebook and distribute it for free. I'll gladly recommend it to other people who express an interest in photography and hope to see some more ebooks from you in the near future.
Thank you for your free book. Nice work!
I still have not received the book, even though I've followed the directions... bummed!
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