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The last paragraph lays out the future, and where true visionaries of our time will make millions.
Good piece in today's +The New York Times about social media's effectiveness for marketers... what is the right measuring stick for success? Perhaps it's simply to ask consumers how often a post they see on social media affects their purchasing decisions (even if they didn't click directly on a link to make a purchase).

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Awesome SEO list. All the best articles of 2012!
This right here should keep you busy... Top 50 SEO Articles in 2012

FIFTY!!!11 All killer articles.

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Fantastic list for connecting Google+ to Google products !
New G+ Users: Explore 31 Google products/services on Google+
Help/Support, Forums, YouTube channels, Websites/Blogs

1. Google+ Your Business:
2. Google+:
3. Google Drive:
4. Google Calendar:
5. Google Enterprise:
6. YouTube:
7. YouTube Creators:
8. Google Ads:
9. Google Engage for Agencies:
10. Think with Google:
11. Google Earth:
12. Google Places:
13. Google AdSense:
14. Google Consumer Surveys:
15. Google Offers:
16. Google Maps:
17. Google TV:
18. Google Play:
19. Google Wallet:
20. Google Voice:
21. Google Chrome:
22. Gmail:
23. Google Docs:
24. Google for Nonprofits:
25. Google Ventures:
26. Google AdMob:
27. Google Analytics:
28. Google Glass:
29. Google Nexus:
30. Google Online Courses:
31. Google for Entrepreneurs:

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Still reflecting on all that Steve gave to me over the 30 years I'm been in love with Apple!

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This is awesome. It's going up in our home ;)
It's a shame not every house is like this. :(

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Awesome. Pure entrepreneurial spirit !!
(Mon07) Did you know that Kenneth Cole dabbled in making movies in order to launch? Learn more about this out-of-the-box thinking--it's a good lesson for entrepreneurs:

Hat tip to Bill Meade.

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How to start a movement!
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