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Watching the Google Fiber announcement to see what the Googlers have in store for me and my fellow Kansas Citians!
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Google:  "There's no need to wait for faster internet speed and higher capacity"
Now we're talking about TV.  This is getting more interesting
Record up to 500 hours of HD TV!
Can control with Android or IOS tablets!
tens of thousands of shows available on-demand
Record 8 shows at once 2 TBs of storage
Wow, free internet + free tablet?  This is a killer deal for you guys.  Did you find out if you're eligible?
It's complicated.  I pre-registered, but not 100% sure yet
And yes, it's an amazingly awesome deal really.  Even if you go for the free monthly package and pay the $300 up-front
Doesn't it?  Me thinks Jeff has been busy with something like this...
So proud to be a Kansas Citian right now!  Awesome!!!!
Comcast must be absolutely terrified of that.
Actually the area we are in is mostly Time Warner.  But same thing 
Yep, this definitely looks like it has SageTV DNA in it.
Now I think I want to move :)  I was hoping the purchase of Sage would be ported into GoogleTV so everyone could benefit from such a great product.  
Glad to hear it :)  Looks like you guys are doing some great work down in Kansas!
This looks sweet.  Makes me sad that there isn't a "non-fiber" version for the rest of us.  
Chuck, no comment on your comment right now. :-) Stay tuned.
Please keep loyal SageTV users in mind for beta...  
I'm feeling proud for +Jeffrey Kardatzke and the SageTV team; even if I can't participate at the moment.  But I'm also feeling good about Jeff's "non-comment" above.
Absolutely, Jason.  Although my wife will probably not be too keen on it.  She's been very happy with the stability since I haven't been able to mess with Beta releases...  ;-)
I'd like to see the "Storage Box" device (aka the recording backend) sold through the Google Play store with an integrated cable card tuner.

They've already confirmed a "Fiber TV app" that will run on the Nexus 7 and other Android tablets and smartphones.  It wouldn't be a stretch to imagine the same app running on a Google TV device.  This would allow any Google TV enabled set-top box, TV, or Blu-ray player to act as an alternative to the "TV Box" (aka the extender) announced today.
I'm in the mix.  The complication in my eyes is that I live in a multi-tenant rental so partly out of my control inside the building.  I'll let everyone know as I learn more.
I heard that ESPN won't be available on it.  If true, that would be a deal-breaker for my house.
Where did you hear that Chuck?
You can also see Google's official list here:  
Without ESPN, AMC, CNN, TNT, Cartoon Network, Disney and HBO, I think it will be a tough sell.  Hopefully Google can make some quick deals to get these other channels soon.
So Chuck. I think the concern over channels is a bit premature. That's an educated guess...
Looks like I'm going to have to blog about Google Fiber. Had a great conversation with the SageTV guy this afternoon. Lots to be excited about in #KC
+Brent Evans - You live in KC ?! YOU LUCKY LUCKY Guy!
SageTV is back. What is funny was I just asked +Jeffrey Kardatzke  about this on the sagetv Forums on friday, low and behold confirmation here! Well all us at SageTV await the public availability / cable card version of the Google Storage / Network/ TV apparatus.
(I apologize if I did not link to people correctly)
"Some channels will require an additional fee. This channel lineup is only a representative lineup and is subject to change. Actual lineup will be published when customers register for service."

Not even ABC, CBS and NBC? Can that be? Who they expect to sign up?
The channel lineup will include all the majors including the channels people get from competitors (ESPN, Main Nets, AMC etc).  They just can't put them all on the list yet since they are in negotiations with those networks on cost.
Well, maybe I don't have to go Ceton after all.
itching for a new SageTV / Google Beta build to threaten the rest of the fam with...stability be damned ;)
So, since SageTV is in Google's built-in tech that will likely take many years to leave the K.C. area... why the hell can't we still buy version 7 of it???  This almost makes me more upset than if they had just killed it to prevent it from competing.. but to kill it to simply restrict it to the maybe couple thousand users in KC is very maddenning...
+Christopher Piper - actually, I'd think just the opposite, I think the TV box may have life outside Google Fiber if you read between the lines +Jeffrey Kardatzke said.  Timeline, maybe a while, but sounded positive.
+Christopher Piper - Jeff opened the Sage v7 keys to those who purchased Sage v6. Enjoy the free upgrade =D.  Look on sagetv forums you can get the patched binaries there. 
Trust me, I'm more than aware of the current state of things o on the sagetv forums.  Bringing current owners up to the current version is NOT the same thing as allowing new owners to purchase into the system - Which the community hoped would eventually be possible again.  However, if it is tied to the Google Fiber thing, then it will be at least 3-5 years before more than 1% of the US population is even in a Google fiber community, and it will virtually never happen for a majority of the world.  If the only other way to purchase a SageTV system is tied to google branded hardware (that has not really even been hinted at in any real capacity) that is limited in scope and capability, then you can certainly count me out from recommending it to others - as I HAVE done extensively with SageTV until the day the doors closed.
I'm also pretty convinced the only reason google fiber is in Kansas City, is because they knew Brent would write only good things about it if they let him have it before everyone else. :-)
I'm not so sure the TV devices I've seen for Google Fiber TV will be exclusive for Google Fiber +Christopher Piper .  Oh and I only hope Google see's me as the reason to go to KC.  They picked KC, KS by accident at first but quickly corrected their mistake and added the real Kansas City in Missouri ;)
well, I was mostly joking about them choosing it because of you.. the other comments though, I fully stand behind.  I am very upset with this move apparently away from true standalone client/server systems.
I was joking about the KC thing as well of course
While this is exciting news, and happy for Jeff and team, I can only imagine the features I have come to know and love are going to be absent, i.e. Comskip. We use Sage for our front end into all our media, does anyone know what "unlocked" features have been retained?  One of our big items, movies on a NAS that play on any Sage extender.  Here goes the waiting, and waiting, and waiting for Detroit availability.
I'll let you know at some point.  I haven't had the opportunity to see it outside of a controlled environment yet, but it does have a lot of SageTV in it.
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