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Wow! A major league team that actually pays their own way!
I'm suddenly (very slightly) more partial to basketball.

And all you Raiders? Kindly go fuck yourself off to Las Vegas. We don't need your parasitism here. 

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Dear AG Sessions:

Marijuana is not an opiate. A conversation of a few moments with a pharmacist can clear up for you how completely unrelated the money, time, and lives you want to waste are to the problem you're talking about.

While we're at it, people who go through lengthy paperwork processes to register their activities for close monitoring by state governments are rarely the kind of people law enforcement need to care about (except for white collar crimes like tax evasion).

Please get into contact with reality for just a few minutes and get your head straight about this. Then you can go back to putting shirts on statues of Justice and whatever else it is Republican AGs do instead of enforcing civil rights laws or pursuing long-term investigations to get real criminals.

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A Drumpf appointee does something good!

But I hope this isn't just going to be a game of whackamole. 

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“Do you believe?” is the wrong question to ask public officials about climate change

+Graham Cummins You said in a previous post
It seems amazing to me that anyone could accept that climate change is occurring, and not be concerned about food security.

Here's one example:

The author is a serious conservative writing for a serious conservative, intellectual magazine. This guy might be smarter than me, and is almost certainly better read.

And he's right about the Paris agreement, and about what's behind most of the outraged reactions. And he's right that most liberals do not in fact act like their lifestyle is destroying the world.

He is, nonetheless, grossly, horrendously, ignorantly wrong on the facts on multiple fronts. Every single thing he says about energy is wrong, for example.

But the real disconnect is his complaint that Dems/liberals run around talking about climate change as an "extinction-level event" (by which he means "human extinction", that obviously being the only kind that matters to him).


Food security never even comes up. National security doesn't come up either - the US military is concerned about the effects of climate change, but even that cannot apparently get past his ideological blinders. He has quite obviously built what the Archdruid calls thought-stoppers ( all around the subject of climate change. He cannot think about it rationally, or see even the most obvious implications. Despite being a very smart person.

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