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20 million users.. 85% of PC Mag's circulation of 750k could already be on Google+. [edit.. misspelled PC lol]
All early adopters are geeks aren't they? Wonder what the geek quotant was for the first million FB or Twitter users.
+Liam Delahunty You cannot ask that really of FB since it was college students mostly and a different beast than it is today. With Twitter, it would be interesting, but note as well that Twitter helped shape the space and was formed in SF, so to say it was heavily tech is going to be obvious.

The thing that will stop this from ever being a real comparison is that Twitter and FB paved the way for social and Google has a world-wide respected brand and resources upon launch of theirs.
I appreciaite it's apples and oranges but interesting (to me) . When Google search launched it appealed to geeks first to spread the word and had an almost anti marketing strategy. It feels similar again with G+.
Worst audience to question - pointless
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