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Mixed reports on condition of former Egyptian President Hasni Mubarak. Tens of thousands fill Tahrir square. Still would like to connect with somebody on the ground there. Any help is appreciated. 
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Absolutely +Stefanie Cruz ! Also good for +Jason Salas and +Sarah Hill. He is in Alexandria so not sure if he is in the square now. He has strong views on the situation there and of course has other contacts. He can do audio Skype or a phone call. Video is sketchy due to bandwidth...
Could he do G+ hangout interview? I added him in circles - but if you have contact with him would you also ask that he message me? Thanks so much.
He can but usually not video bc of the bandwidth. He's probably freaking out right now. Just before midnight. I will do a post looking for more Egyptians and mention you all in it. Hopefully we can line someone up for you folks.
Thanks Dan. I looks as if the crowds are already thinning. 
None. They are updating the control room so no way to do Skype or G+ today. Plus - producers are not into the story today - and I cannot do it on my own show because it is canceled tonight due to baseball. But keep our list of contacts. We likely will have another opportunity soon. And thanks for your help.

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