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Photographer, Tech Service, Emergency Vehicle Specialist, General Manager
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danville, ca
san ramon, ca - new york - lafayette, ca - oakland. ca
WATTCO General Manager, Photographer, Business Owner (Multiple), Author (Part Time)

General Manager at Wattco -


Photographer, Web Designer
Business Owner, Author and Engineer

I started in photography 10 years ago on a whim and many paychecks worth of equipment later I am still shooting and trying to pass along the little I know to others so they can enjoy their photography more.


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  • Photography
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  • Astronomy  
  • The Woes of Small Business Ownership 
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  • And the list will go on…..

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Black Sky LLC.
Black Diamond Productions
Burzycki Family Name Website Page

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Brent Burzycki

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Some great shots from +Jörgen Nilsson
A C-47 A-60-DL Skytrain, painted as a Scandinavian Airlines System DC-3.
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Brent Burzycki

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Something for him and her...
What the 4th of July Means to Me
Each year, Americans gather together to ritualistically set off explosives, gluttonously demonstrate what it means to be a carnivore, get sickeningly drunk, and give the rest of world the collective middle finger. But is that really all there is to it?

Hell no.

 - Half the people in America are only here because they were kicked out of their own countries. And the other half are here because their ancestors were abducted. There's a reason all the best serial killers come from 'Merica. Because even 200 years later, you don't want none of this.

 - How many other countries have EVER won a Super Bowl?

 - Wal-Mart, Coca Cola, McDonald's.

 - The entire entertainment industry.

 - Back to Back World War Champions.

 - George Foreman grills.

 - Bacon.

 - Flux Capacitors.

 - The Internet. You're welcome.


And finally, lets not forget, the last time I (or anyone else) checked, the only flag on the moon is... you guessed it. The good old Stars and Stripes.

So, if you're a fellow American raise a glass in celebration! And if you're not so lucky, cheer up. You can always come for a visit. And we give away free guns to tourists as parting gifts when they're leaving the country.

Hey ya'll, watch this...
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palm got stuck on my face
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Brent Burzycki

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I cannot lie - this is actually a very interesting question..
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Less of both, more Cardassians.
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Brent Burzycki

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I always wondered what did the purple color
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Brent Burzycki

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This is the first movie created by New Horizons spacecraft to reveal color surface features of Pluto and its largest moon Charon. Details: New Horizons is on track for a July 14 #PlutoFlyby.
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Brent Burzycki

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Excellent shot of the Thunderbirds...... Well done +Larry Grace
USAF Thunderbird #5 & 6 Performing a crossing  pass at the 2015 Minnesota Air Spectacular. Mankato MN
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Brent Burzycki

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If anyone knows who took this shot please post it in the comments and we will get them proper credit... And a link to see more...

Amazing shot of a plane that can possibly out fly it's pilot.... Thrust vectoring should be words used in everyday conversation....

Follow the Photographer over on Flickr - Sadly he does not seem to be here on G+ -

Since he has sharing enabled - All the links are above, is he has an issue going out to 50K people that hopefully will bring him many more followers on Flickr - I will happily take it down.
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+Gregor Mima you're talking about the F-35 whereas this picture is of a F-22
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Brent Burzycki

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Now that is just an awesome image...
Amazing image taken in 1979 by Voyager 1.
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Exactly, +Brent Burzycki :)
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Brent Burzycki

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Too close for comfort... is what one Thunderbird says to another....
Happy 4th of July to all in the Armed Forces that protect us daily...
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+Donnie Hunter most in actually very safe when you consider perspective of the viewer..
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Brent Burzycki

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What color is Pluto? The answer, revealed in the first maps made from New Horizons data, turns out to be shades of reddish brown. Although this is reminiscent of Mars, the cause is almost certainly very different. Details: Scientists hope to learn more about the cause of Pluto’s reddish tint as New Horizons closes in for its July 14 #PlutoFlyby.
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Excellent .
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Brent Burzycki

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This will be fun to play around with...
+Fr. Robert Ballecer, SJ

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+John Livingston​ this is supposedly more about the level of processing and malware protection you get in an enterprise level gateway vs just a 50 buck router or trusting the IsP you use to protect you... So it should give me control over my network taking the things I do not really have Control over out of the mix.. But in the end nothibg is really secure it's just about minimising how easy things are to get.... 
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Brent Burzycki

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Well there is a perspective we rarely see... 
Sunrise in the Office by Karim Nafatni: #TravelTuesday
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