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One of the worst things that can happen to an event is not enough people showing up.

We hate it when we see a fantastic host, who set up a fun event, wait for attendees that are never going to show up. So here are 5 Tips to Build Fantastic Attendance at Your Event! The number of people that attend an event is often touted as a sign of its success. Building attendance is also generally something which a lot of people overlook. When you have an event to plan, you are overstressed because you have to manage a hundred different things.
If you do not focus on building an attendance then you might be putting in all the efforts at organizing the event for nothing. Don’t worry, we have been to hundreds of such events to install our inflatable obstacle courses and slides, and we know what you need to do to build an audience.

1) Create a website people can check out
Here’s the thing; when you set up an event and invite people to come, you think they will come because you are doing so much for the event. You’re setting up a children’s fun area with slides and bouncy castles, you are setting up entertainment for everyone. Why would anyone not want to come? The answer to that lies in viewing things from the perspective of a potential attendee. You are asking them to give you many hours of a day. You know the effort that you are putting into your work but they do not. They aren’t going to find out either unless you tell them. The reason most people skip on the efforts to attract attendees is that they aren’t sure if they will actually enjoy the event.
The first thing anyone does these days when they hear about something new is search for it online. If you do not have a good online presence and a website then people aren’t going to find anything satisfactory and they will not come to your event. The little bit of doubt about the event being fun will make them avoid committing hours to attending your event.
Build a website and highlight all the fun things that are going to be at your event. Having a website allows you to control the conversation that happens about your event. Would you go to a new restaurant if you couldn’t find any information about it online? Probably not. The same is true for events.
2) Set up a fun zone
There’s always an ambiguity about most community events. What are we going to do once we get there? This is a common question most attendees ask. The answer to it is simple as well; you need to create a fun zone to make sure people bother to come to your event. If you are a parent you will understand how important it can be to have a fun zone at the event. If you are not a parent then let us explain. Once you have children you need to make sure there is going to be something for them to do everywhere you go. Sure, when you are going out on a nice dinner with your spouse or going out to a formal event you can get babysitters to manage the kids.
But community events are for families and people are going to bring their kids. This means that you have to make sure there is something fun for the kids to do. Do you what happens when a kid is bored? They start bothering the parents about how much they are bored. Thus, you need to ensure parents that their kids are going to have a great time at your event. Once the children are happy the adults can relax and be happy as well.
What to add in a fun zone
There are a lot of things you can add to the fun zone; the focus is that the activities should be fun for the kids to do. Bouncy castles are a classic; kids love bouncing up and down in them. Balloon artists are another classic children’s entertainment item that is guaranteed to make the kids happy. You also need to have a slide or an inflatable obstacle course to give the active children something to do. You do not have to do the event in a playground; we have excellent slides, inflatable obstacle courses, and bouncy castles available for rent.
If you have the time and space it would also be a great idea to hold some sort of a competition for the children to participate it. There is also one item which can take your fun zone to the next level; we have a portable rock wall for climbing. It is one of the best additions to a fun zone because of how it looms over everything. When someone walks in and sees that you have a mobile rock wall for climbing they know that you are serious about having fun. It stands out and makes for a very fun time.

3) Be Social on Social Media
Social media is one of the best tools you have for events these days. Having a good social media presence is the easiest way to ensure that the right type of people will know about your event. Facebook is perfect for events for many reasons. The first is that when you create an event page, you can continue to post updates. So if someone says that they are coming to your event, they will find out about any changes in the plans or any additions to the program. Secondly, Facebook makes it very easy for people to ask you questions, so if anyone has any doubts about your event they can simply send you a message through the event page.
Thirdly, and most importantly, the level of outreach you get with Facebook is second to none. If you are organizing a community event or any mid-sized event most of the attendees are going to be from the same community. This means that your target audience is probably good friends with each other. When someone says that they are coming to an event on Facebook the information is shared on their Facebook as a post. So now all of their friends will know that they are attending the event. So even if 1 person says they are coming, that post is shown to hundreds of people. When people say that they are going to an event then others might be interested in going as well, being their friends.
4) Give your event a great theme
Themes are something which too many event organizers overlook. Having a theme is a great way to make your event look and feel interesting. If the theme you choose is interesting enough then it is going to make more people want to come. Another big reason behind creating a theme is that it will simplify work for the organizers. If you pick a theme you will also know what colors to use everywhere, what design to put on the social media posts and advertisements, and you will have a basic idea about how everything should look. Make sure the theme you choose can be easily conveyed to people.
For example, one of the events done by a customer of ours had the theme ‘Reach new Heights’. The theme was about positivity and working hard and they complemented it by renting one of our rock walls to climb in the middle of the event. The visual was great at reinforcing the theme. If you aren’t sure about what themes you can provide such visual cues for simply send us a message and we will let you know what we can provide that fits your theme.
5) Host a 5k run / walk
Who said you had to think inside the box or go mainstream? You can really energize the awareness and outreach of your campaign by organizing a 5k run / walk. It is very simple to organize; you just need to invite the people working with you in setting up the event and start the walk. Want to know a way to maximize attendance through a walk? Do it on a Sunday and go through places you know will have people interested in your event. This is a very visible activity and it will let your message reach the people who are most likely to enjoy coming to your event.
The biggest of the 5 Tips to Build Fantastic Attendance at Your Event :Keep the hype on!
These are just some of the things you can do to build an attendance for your event. Remember, people will only come if they think that they are going to have a grand time. It is up to you not just to set up the event to be fun but to also communicate to people that your event is going to be fun. As long as you list a couple of fun activities and mention a fun zone for the children, you will have families wanting to come to your event. From there on, it is on you to make sure you deliver what you promise.

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Volunteers are the heart and soul of any community event.
That is the difference between community events and other types of events; the point isn’t to generate a profit or advertise a product, the point is to get the community together and have a good time. Hired staff may be more reliable but volunteers provide energy to the event. In fact, Getting, managing, and rewarding volunteers is an art.
They are themselves a part of the community which makes their presence better for the whole event. Getting, managing, and rewarding volunteers, however, is not an easy task. Some people just get paid staff to work community events because they don’t know how to get volunteers. If you’re in a similar situation, let us help you out by telling you how you can get the volunteers you need.

How is one supposed to recruit volunteers? Why would people want to work for free for the event? These two questions are the ones people who are new to organizing events have the most difficult time answering. Here’s the thing; not everybody likes to avoid work. There are people out there who love giving back to the community and who also like the chance to make new friends by entering new groups. Do not fret about not having enough people to do all the work that is required. As long as you keep your approach right, you should be able to recruit great people in no time. Here are some recruitment tips
Start with people who have volunteered before
This is the most obvious step. Simply look at the past events of the community and see who volunteered. Contact the people and let them know about your event and ask for their help. Since these people have already volunteered previously, you can be sure that they like to do volunteer work. Another great advantage of experienced volunteers is that they know a lot about the group dynamics of the community. They can warn you about any recurring issues at the community’s event or about people who often create problems.
See who is available in your network
This is where family and friends are going to help you out a lot. We hope you’ve been keeping them happy! The first thing you need to understand is that you should never try to pressure someone into helping you out. Your friends and family will come if you force them to, but you really won’t need to. Simply see who has the time to give in your family or friends circle. Anyone who you know has too many responsibilities or is under stress shouldn’t even be asked. Contact the people you know who have the time to give to you. Also, if someone says no, do not take it personally. Everyone has their own life to worry about and they may have a perfectly valid reason to say no.
Ask the community leaders
A great way to get volunteers who are reliable is to ask the board of directors or team leaders to help out. They can send their kids or siblings and you can be sure that whoever is sent by them will work hard.
Getting, managing, and rewarding volunteers with Social Media
Your community probably has a social media page or group. Post updates about the event and judge the interest. If there are people who like your posts then they are great potential volunteers. You can also simply make posts on social media and ask people to tag their friends who may be able to volunteer.
Newsletters / Publications
If your community has a newsletter or any publication then it will be the perfect place to put in a volunteers required notice. These newsletters and publications are read by people who really like participating in the community which means they will be opening to volunteer.

Managing Volunteers
Once you have your volunteers the next step is to have them work properly. Do you have professional experience at a management level? If you do then you will have more problems than people who do not. We have seen this happen many times when we are at an event to install the rock wall in the fun area; we see someone middle-aged or older completely exasperated and young volunteers completely uncooperative.
Here is something you need to remember: These are volunteers. They aren’t doing a job. Do not put pressure on them to make them perform, because then they will either leave or have no motivation to work. You have to keep them happy while at the same time ensuring that they do their jobs. It might seem hard but it isn’t. Remember, these are volunteers, people who themselves chose to work for the sake of the event. They aren’t on a job where they show up just for money, they are here because they actually want to work.
Host a Welcome Party
You need to turn the random people who volunteered into a team. The best way to do this is to host a welcome party where you get everyone together. At this party you will have two objectives. One is to find out what everyone is good at. If someone is good at dealing with technology they can handle Audio/Video. If someone is good at social media then you have your social media marketer.
If someone knows a lot of suppliers you know have a procurement expert. Play to everyone’s advantage to maximize the benefit as a whole. The other thing is that you have to figure out the team dynamic. Will everyone be doing their own part individually or are sub-teams needed within the team?
Define Roles
We cannot stress how important this step is. Poorly defined roles always lead to disaster. When you have poorly defined roles there are two possibilities; people will leave some work because they wouldn’t know it was their responsibility, or people will have fights and arguments because they will feel other people are entering their domain. If you define the roles properly everyone will know what they are responsible for. There are also no arguments about ego because everyone knows the limits of their authority.
Motivate Them
This group of volunteers can make or break your event. If you want to ensure that everything goes smoothly you need to ensure that they are motivated. Make sure you are friendly and nice to all the volunteers and make sure you listen to them. You may be the organizer but that doesn’t mean that great ideas cannot come from others! Even if you do what you want to do, just listening properly to other’s ideas will make them feel good. Let the volunteers know that you know how important they are.
Rewarding Volunteers
This is something which a lot of organizers skip. Do not, in any case, forget to properly reward the volunteers. Do not let them feel like they were on the receiving end of a one-event-stand! These people gave their time and hard work to you and they deserve recognition. If you reward them right they will also be willing to help you with other events in the future.
Thank them on stage
If your event has a stage then you need to thank the volunteers while closing the event. If there are too many volunteers you can just thank them, but if there are only a few then you should take their names as well.
Give them some official event loot like t-shirts, pens, or some other gifts. Something that reminds them of the hard work they did to make the event a success.
Publish their names
Make sure you mention the name of all the volunteers on the website or social media page of the event.
Introduce them to the VIP
If you have a VIP (for instance a local celebrity or someone in a position of authority like the Mayor) then make sure the volunteers get to meet and greet.
End it with a celebration
You know what is the best way to celebrate going though all the stress and pressure but still succeeding? A party! We don’t mean you need to get a keg and go crazy; just make sure you guys meet somewhere to eat and drink together and have some fun. This goes a long way in building a team which can be useful again and again. ‘All’s well that ends well’ isn’t just a phrase; we tend to remember things based on how they ended.

Doing it Right
As long as you motivate the volunteers the right way, you will have no problem getting everything done. People who volunteer are people who are proactive and who want to benefit the community. Let the volunteers have fun but keep motivating them to work. Let them know their importance to the event. Remember, you are the leader of this team of volunteers. It is your responsibility to keep your team happy and productive. Sometimes that means telling them to focus on work while other times it means telling them to relax and take a break.

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Dangers of Automatic Belay Systems for Rock Climbing
Dangers of Automatic Belay Systems for Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a unique and fun sport which people of all ages enjoy. It is also a great complete body workout. Climbing facilities offer a supervised and controlled environment, where individuals of all experience level can take part in this fun sport. There are many facilities that offer portable or mobile rock climbing walls for parties, festivals, and events in which the trainers and coaches are present to ensure the safety of the people.
Whether you opt for indoor climbing, portable wall climbing, or outdoor climbing, a climbing partner or a belayer is essential. A belayer is the climbing partner who belays the climber as he/she climbs. Belaying can refer to different techniques, which allows an individual to apply friction on the climbing rope, so in case the climber falls, he/she doesn’t go far or hit the ground. Any facility serious about the safety of their climbers understands the importance of a belayer and employ highly trained individuals for the job. They physically hold the rope for every climber, which is also attached to their harness to enhance the safety of the climbers.
In recent years, many facilities have started incorporating automatic belay systems to replace belayers. These devices appear handy to have as they enable the climbers to work alone without any assistance. The climbers have to clip their harness into the device located at the bottom of the wall and it automatically starts retracting as they start climbing upwards. Once the climbers let go of the wall or fall, the auto belay device helps by slowly lowering them to the ground. Sounds safe, right? It actually isn’t. There have been numerous accidents, falls, and even deaths reported due to the malfunctioning of these auto belay devices.
Many portable rock walls have also started including these auto belay systems in order to save the cost of paying belayers. This has also increased the accidents ratio as these auto belay machines are not maintained properly, inspected, or upgraded, which results in them snapping and causing serious harm and even death. There also have been many cases in which the accidents were caused due to climbers forgetting to attach the carabiner to their harness or attaching it incorrectly, resulting in the fall.
Auto belay machines are inconsistent with climbing and should be avoided at all costs, as they put the lives of the climbers at risk. The belaying skill is one of the major cornerstones of climbing safety, which cannot be replaced by auto belay devices. It is unfortunate that many rock climbing facilities are using these unsafe devices merely to save a little money and are playing with the lives of many. It is important to maintain the safety measures of rock climbing by employing trained professionals to hold the rope instead of relying on such unreliable machines.

If you are looking for a reliable company or facility to hire a safe portable rock climbing wall for a birthday party, festival, or any other event, consider BlackRock Climbers. They take the climbers’ safety quite seriously and ensure that you and your guests have a pleasant and entertaining time without worrying about faulty Auto Belay Systems. For more information, please visit
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Own Your Own Tactical CrossFit Tower for additional income!
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Own Your Own Tactical CrossFit Tower for additional income!
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