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Brennan Young
Shameless onanist and flâneur. Stimulating party conversationalist. Outrageous fees!
Shameless onanist and flâneur. Stimulating party conversationalist. Outrageous fees!

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Just uploaded a new piece of music.

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Sarah Palin on drugs sounds almost indistinguishable from regular Sarah Palin.

Erowid Sarah Palin/@SarowidPalinUSA is a Markov bot remixing Sarah Palin speeches and Erowid trip reports.

The original Erowid site is illuminating:

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why am I getting 'unexpected for' here:

(function () {
    "use strict";
    var i, barebones = ["cat", "dog"];
    if (barebones.length > 1) {
        for (i = 0; i < barebones.length; i += 1) {

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"Sometimes I make music. Over the years, I’ve noticed an interesting pattern of behavior from some musicians—often self-taught—who think of themselves as creative types: they display an aversion to learning any music theory. The logic, they say, is that knowing the theory behind music will somehow constrain their creative abilities. I’ve never understood that logic (and I secretly believe that it’s a retroactive excuse for a lack of discipline). To my mind, I just don’t see how any kind of knowledge or enlightenment could be a bad thing.

Alas, I have seen the same kind of logic at work in the world of web design. There are designers who not only don’t know how to write markup and CSS, they actively refuse to learn. Again, they cite the fear of somehow being constrained by this knowledge (and again, I believe that’s a self-justifying excuse)."

-Jeremy Keith

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Gorgeous, complex music. Big band jazz meets avant-progressive.

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Gordon Pask and Stafford Beer. Two cybernetic giants who are long overdue for a resurgence.
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