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Successful people are creative and consistent in how they express themselves. They are happier because they pursue things they are truly passionate about, seeking their goals in their own unique way without conforming or trying to be "appropriate."

Ask yourself these four types questions:

Creativity in Conversation: Am I truly being myself when I'm in conversations? Do I share my true thoughts, feelings, frustrations, dreams? Do I feel like the best of me when communicating with others? If not, how can I open myself up?

Space Creativity: Is where I live a reflection of who I really am? Have I designed or decorated my workspace to be uniquely my own? Could someone get a feel of who I am based on my space?

Creativity in Contributions: How creative was the last presentation or contribution I created or shared? You can't blame your boss or timelines for stealing your creativity. You need to have the will to create unique things. If you're being rejected for who you truly are or for the contributions you find creative and valuable, then that's just an indication you're in the wrong place or community. Don't risk silencing yourself simply to end up a cog. Bring your divine spark, your uniqueness and spirit, to your work.

Creativity in Legacy: Have I started working toward what will be my unique contributions to the world? Pursue your goals and dreams in your own way - it is your voice, contributions and relationships that will ultimately tell the world who you were. Be creative in leaving your legacy - that's how you feel fulfilled and experience The Charged Life!

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Awesome video, thank you needed to hear that one today.
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