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How do you develop extraordinary people skills? Try a strategy called “Positive Projection,” which is about mindfully exuding positive energy toward others. Here’s how:

1. Honor Others’ Struggle. You feel people around you don’t know how hard you really work and how much you have to deal with, right? Well, that feeling is exactly the feeling other people have, all the time! But we forget that. We don’t see how much others struggle, which is why we forget to be kind and patient. If you want to be extraordinary with people, keep in mind everyone is dealing with difficulty and you will be a more compassionate and supportive person, which is the kind of person everyone wants to be around.

2. Take Enthusiastic Interest. Become fascinated with others. Take active and enthusiastic interest; ask about their interests, desires, fears, and dreams. When you know others’ values and passions, it’s easier to be positive with them. When you know and champion others, you yourself become fascinating and interesting.

3. Don’t Mirror Bad Energy. If you pick up on the overall energy of the masses, though, you will find that it is a dissipated and disgruntled energy, which in turn can make you feel stressed, judgmental and negative. Emotions and energy is contagious. So, be someone who is willing the energy you want to experience in the world. Choose to generate positivity and give that gift to the world.

4. Send Well Wishes. When I pass by others, I often look at them and in my mind say, “I wish you joy, abundance, health and love.” They might not know what’s on my mind, but they can literally feel good intent coming from me and a positive aura being directed to them. Try it. Just send positive thoughts and well wishes to others. They will feel great around you.

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