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To my continual surprise, most people don’t have a real grasp on how vital their friendships are to their overall mental health and happiness. In study after study, researchers from a variety of disciplines continually find that the quality of our immediate friendship-based relationships is one of the most important factors in determining our overall stability, mood, ambition, emotional range, growth, and satisfaction in life.

In our friendships, it’s useful to heed this warning: Be careful whom you surround yourself with. while that counsel seems like kitchen-table wisdom, you’d be surprised by who most people invite to their tables of friendship. You’d also be surprised how many people barely invite anyone to their tables. The average American has only one or two close friends. That’s unfortunate, but it does give us a ready clue to how they can immediately increase their life satisfaction.

Here, I share 3 types of friends:

Old Friends, who you had a great connection with once but you no longer need to feel guilty about not hanging out with. You had your time together in a specific part of your life - honor it but let it go.

Maintenance Friends, who you keep in touch with once or a few times per year just to "maintain" the connection. Set these folks up on reminders in your calendar but don't feel so bad you don't connect more.

Growth Friends, who you will continually deepen relationships with today and in the future - these are great friends you want more time and adventure with. FOCUS HERE!

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