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Few people report having one, singular life purpose. That’s a myth that grew out of the time in which we were trapped in the jobs of the tribe or village; you had to choose to be a baker or a blacksmith, and because you died young, in your 20s or 30s, you had to choose quickly.

Today, there’s more opportunity, no borders, and longer life-spans. So you’ll have multiple purposes and missions throughout life. Here’s how to narrow them down to what matters:

Live the best quality of life that you can. This should be one of the main missions for us all, don’t you think? Make it a priority to grow and excel in your health, relationships, career, finances, spirituality, hobbies. Improve each of these areas and you’ll start to feel on purpose.

Follow your interests. Whatever you are deeply curious about is worth exploring. So, whether it’s design, photography, fashion, food, or coding, go down the wormhole. Explore your passions with enough verve and you will find what is right for you.

Allow yourself to transition from one thing to another. To find your most meaningful mission, you’ll have to try a few out. Give yourself permission to move between jobs, careers, companies, and passionate pursuits. The only boundaries are boundaries of belief.

Serve! You can travel the world looking for some magnificent purpose, but after all the belly gazing the truth that always emerges is this: by serving others we feel more purposeful. So just look around you and ask, “How can I help?” In the spirit of service we will soar to our full potential.

Be bold, bounce around, try new things, discover what is important to you, and suddenly you’ll start to feel what we call The Charged Life!

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There’s always another level of balance and proficiency in managing your life. Here are five strategies to help you achieve it:

Decide why you need more balance and what it means to you. What exactly would that mean to you - can you describe in detail what it would be like and feel like? Define what balance means to you and block and protect time in your life so you can achieve it.

Remove Distractions. Most people aren’t “out of balance,” they’re in distraction. TV, internet and social networks take away hours of their time, which adds to hours per week and years of life wasted. So, get rid of those things that aren’t adding real value, depth or joy to your life.

Say no. Every yes tacks on time to your life’s agenda, always taking away from something else. If you lose hours of your life pleasing people or responding to people’s false emergencies, then your life quickly falls out of balance. Learn to say no and do not apologize for it.

Hit your mark. When you say you’re going to spend an hour on the phone with someone, but you spend 75 minutes—there’s 15 minutes of bleed time. The more often you go too long on your meetings, promises or conversations, the more you lose time. Set a time and stick to it. That’s integrity and discipline, and that’s how to get your life back.

Improve your health. If you want more balance in your life, then invest in your well-being. Sleep well and meditate so you can be more focused, efficient and effective during the day. If you feel more physically energized each day, you’ll have more power to stay focused, say no, and manage your time.

Try all these things and suddenly a renewed sense of vitality will enter your days and you’ll start to experience The Charged Life.

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To my continual surprise, most people don’t have a real grasp on how vital their friendships are to their overall mental health and happiness. In study after study, researchers from a variety of disciplines continually find that the quality of our immediate friendship-based relationships is one of the most important factors in determining our overall stability, mood, ambition, emotional range, growth, and satisfaction in life.

In our friendships, it’s useful to heed this warning: Be careful whom you surround yourself with. while that counsel seems like kitchen-table wisdom, you’d be surprised by who most people invite to their tables of friendship. You’d also be surprised how many people barely invite anyone to their tables. The average American has only one or two close friends. That’s unfortunate, but it does give us a ready clue to how they can immediately increase their life satisfaction.

Here, I share 3 types of friends:

Old Friends, who you had a great connection with once but you no longer need to feel guilty about not hanging out with. You had your time together in a specific part of your life - honor it but let it go.

Maintenance Friends, who you keep in touch with once or a few times per year just to "maintain" the connection. Set these folks up on reminders in your calendar but don't feel so bad you don't connect more.

Growth Friends, who you will continually deepen relationships with today and in the future - these are great friends you want more time and adventure with. FOCUS HERE!

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Successful people are creative and consistent in how they express themselves. They are happier because they pursue things they are truly passionate about, seeking their goals in their own unique way without conforming or trying to be "appropriate."

Ask yourself these four types questions:

Creativity in Conversation: Am I truly being myself when I'm in conversations? Do I share my true thoughts, feelings, frustrations, dreams? Do I feel like the best of me when communicating with others? If not, how can I open myself up?

Space Creativity: Is where I live a reflection of who I really am? Have I designed or decorated my workspace to be uniquely my own? Could someone get a feel of who I am based on my space?

Creativity in Contributions: How creative was the last presentation or contribution I created or shared? You can't blame your boss or timelines for stealing your creativity. You need to have the will to create unique things. If you're being rejected for who you truly are or for the contributions you find creative and valuable, then that's just an indication you're in the wrong place or community. Don't risk silencing yourself simply to end up a cog. Bring your divine spark, your uniqueness and spirit, to your work.

Creativity in Legacy: Have I started working toward what will be my unique contributions to the world? Pursue your goals and dreams in your own way - it is your voice, contributions and relationships that will ultimately tell the world who you were. Be creative in leaving your legacy - that's how you feel fulfilled and experience The Charged Life!

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How do you develop extraordinary people skills? Try a strategy called “Positive Projection,” which is about mindfully exuding positive energy toward others. Here’s how:

1. Honor Others’ Struggle. You feel people around you don’t know how hard you really work and how much you have to deal with, right? Well, that feeling is exactly the feeling other people have, all the time! But we forget that. We don’t see how much others struggle, which is why we forget to be kind and patient. If you want to be extraordinary with people, keep in mind everyone is dealing with difficulty and you will be a more compassionate and supportive person, which is the kind of person everyone wants to be around.

2. Take Enthusiastic Interest. Become fascinated with others. Take active and enthusiastic interest; ask about their interests, desires, fears, and dreams. When you know others’ values and passions, it’s easier to be positive with them. When you know and champion others, you yourself become fascinating and interesting.

3. Don’t Mirror Bad Energy. If you pick up on the overall energy of the masses, though, you will find that it is a dissipated and disgruntled energy, which in turn can make you feel stressed, judgmental and negative. Emotions and energy is contagious. So, be someone who is willing the energy you want to experience in the world. Choose to generate positivity and give that gift to the world.

4. Send Well Wishes. When I pass by others, I often look at them and in my mind say, “I wish you joy, abundance, health and love.” They might not know what’s on my mind, but they can literally feel good intent coming from me and a positive aura being directed to them. Try it. Just send positive thoughts and well wishes to others. They will feel great around you.

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If you raise your standards in these 5 areas, you dramatically improve your life:

1. Health. Have you ever said, "This is going to be the year I get in the best health of my life"? If not, this is the year to do it. Improve your health and becoming happier and more energized and effective happens almost automatically. Raise your standards on how much sleep you get and how well you eat and take care of your body.

2. Focus. Distraction is stealing our lives. Get more focused on what you desire in this hour, this day, this life. Bring your awareness to this moment and what you want to be doing and experiencing now. That will help you be more conscious and more easily spot distractions.

3. Boldness. Where you are in life right now is a direct reflection of how bold you've been up to this point. How boldly do you share yourself, your ideas, your needs and dreams with the world? How courageous have you been to fight after you've fallen down. Demand of yourself to be more bold and you'll feel more confident and influential over time.

4. Joy. Do you expect that you're going to have fun today and in life? Better yet, do you demand of yourself to be the person who brings the joy, who has fun and helps others have fun no matter what? Joy is a choice not a happenstance blessing. Bring the joy!

5. Kindness. People are so driven and distracted that they've often lost the awareness to be kind to others. They might call themselves compassionate, but they are not kind. Kindness is compassion activated - you actually show you care through your actions.Raising your standard here will help you reach higher levels of happiness, service, and humanity.

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3 things to focus on so your expectations can have a positive impact on your life:

1. Set positive expectations for yourself.

Those who get ahead in life have positive expectations for themselves. They believe in their ability to figure things out no matter what happens or what opportunity they chase after in life. They understand that there will be struggle along your path but they choose to stay resilient and continue taking steps forward.

2. Have positive expectations for other people.

We expect what we constantly see, so beware of surrounding yourself with jerks or negative people and news. If you regularly watch garbage television or reading trashy blogs and magazines, then you will start to expect negative things from others. This is why it is so important to have a positive peer group.Your job is to go out and network and surround yourself with positive, visionary, supportive, nurturing people.

3. Have positive expectations for your life.

Expect that you will grow healthier, wiser and more kind. Trust that positive things will come your way, that all things have meaning and purpose, that tomorrow will be another great day or step in the right direction. Good things are coming, and when it feels as if they are not… remember this too shall pass so you can expect another sunrise tomorrow.

Over time, what we expect to happen to us often does. So expect good things from yourself, from others, and from the world. Having that positive expectation will help you experience what we call The Charged Life!

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When things fall apart and you’re having a bad day, do this:

1. Plan your productivity. Your day often gets derailed because you didn't start on the right track. At the beginning of the day, plan the projects you want to move forward, the people you need to reach out to, and the main things you must complete. Get focused. When you do this, it’s easier to stay on the path of purpose, to brush off the distractions and dramas that don’t fit the day’s agenda, and to proactively contribute at high performance levels.

2. Take a reset break. If you find your day completely derailed, immediately stop everything and do one of two things: Either listen to your favorite music playlist and go for a 20 minute walk while breathing deeply…or… meditate with The Release Meditation Technique for 20 minutes. Then, sit with your journal and answer these questions: “What am I grateful for? What three things must I accomplish today? What is my reward if I accomplish those three things?” This will help you reset.

3. Get out of yourself and into service. Instead of obsessing about yourself, ask: “What could I do right now to give surprise, attention, gratitude, or appreciation to somebody around me?” Whether it’s writing a random thank you email, calling someone to say you love them, or joking around with a friend, getting outside yourself and in service to someone else helps you reboot the day.

4. Activate simple self-talk. When your day gets thrown off, sometimes the best thing you can do is close your eyes and say this to yourself: “Be patient. I’m okay. I have faith. I’m here to serve. Here we go.” You can repeat this until you feel calm.

Life can get challenging, but just know: This too shall pass. You will get through it just as you have before. No matter what happens, you are still here, you can learn to reset your day and you can experience what we call The Charged Life!

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How do you balance taking care of yourself and others without sacrificing your dreams or suffering burning out? Here are four strategies:

1. Focus on your circle of influence:

With all the texts, emails and requests you get every day, it can feel like you have to reply to everybody. But you don’t. Instead, be incredibly clear about who are the people in your life you most deeply care for and those who need your greatest amount of quality time, service or leadership. These are the priorities in your circle of influence and you should give those people the most focused attention. Learn to say no to anyone not inside your circle, at least at first until you know you won’t overcommit yourself at the cost of your circle and yourself. Don’t let random people or their false emergencies knock you off path from serving those you’ve already committed to.

2. Stop micromanaging and start empowering:

You don't have to do everything for others. People don't need to be micromanaged. When you switch your mindset from needing to take care of everybody and every little thing for them, to empowering others to take care of themselves, you get massive amounts of time back and a renewed sense of control and aliveness in your own life. If you choose to help people, as quickly as possible set them up to win without you. That must be your strategy from the outset.

3. Automate more:

Outsource or automate things that don't matter, bring you joy, need your unique focus and attention. The tiny things you think you have to do can usually be automated or handled by others or modern tools, apps and systems. Once you set up the little things to run automatically, you save time and can return to what matters most.

4. Give people quality time:

What people want from us isn't all our time; they want the time they have with us to matter. They want their interactions with us to be authentic, energized, heartfelt. When you're with people, make sure you give them quality time. Giving someone just twenty minutes of full attention and energy is worth four hours of half-hearted attention. Make the time you have with others count.

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