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Brendan Willis

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Brendan Willis

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For my brother
The clip shows the clown, who remains anonymous, waving unnervingly at the camera for around twenty seconds before climbing out.
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Brendan Willis

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Vectrex at the museum in Quebec
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Wow....that's awesome!
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Brendan Willis

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Dishwasher repair man showed up with a broken replacement part. Will have to order a new one and we will have to wait three weeks for another service call.

This is the letter I just sent to Samsung:

This will be my last proactive communication in regards to my ongoing issue involving my Samsung dishwasher (Model DMT800RHS/XAC, Serial #A3JDG9MD301104V ).

I have now spent upwards of six hours on the phone with Samsung customer support and close to two hours on the phone with Samsung’s local service company, Elite Appliance. I will not be following up with this issue by phone as my time is valuable and I have now expended more of my valuable time than should be warranted to have a brand new dishwasher fixed. This has been an entirely unacceptable customer experience. 

I will be attaching my previous written communication below, but would like to emphasize that the Samsung product in question is brand new and worked TWICE before breaking.

For clarity I will reiterate the issue in point form:

- Samsung dishwasher was purchased
- Samsung dishwasher was used twice then stopped working. No power in the unit. I confirmed that wiring was properly attached and that unit was receiving power.
- Spoke to Samsung customer service. Appointment was scheduled with local service company, Elite Appliance
- Elite appliance scheduled service call, arrived almost two hours late. Our household incurred a day of lost wages as Samsung warranty service plan did not allow for after work or weekend service scheduling
- Service technician identified issue with motherboard/mainboard?
- Technician advised us that follow up service could be done after work or on weekend and that we would have a follow up appointment scheduled within 2 to 5 business days
- No follow up from Elite Appliance.
- I followed up with Elite Appliance after 8 business days. Was advised that part was not available in Canada. Part was on backorder. Unofficially advised by Elite Appliance agent that it could be a week or two until the part came in but they would contact me immediately when the part was available
- I contacted Samsung customer service as it had now been three weeks since my brand new dishwasher had stopped working and it was unacceptable that I would be waiting indefinitely for service. Advised ECR agent that I expected a replacement unit if the dishwasher could not be fixed immediately
- Samsung ECR agent advised me that they couldn’t do anything at the moment but would contact Elite Appliance to confirm the part was unavailable and contact me back on the next business day.
- Samsung agent did not contact me back
- Called Samsung when I did not hear back with an answer (see previous email for details of this example of unbelievably bad customer service)
- Called back as the originating agent was unable to transfer me successfully
- Spoke to an ECR agent. ECR agent advised me that there was no record of any of my previous calls or of my service call, serial #, name or phone # on the computer system. Took my information, advised they would call me back the next day after they investigated
- Samsung agent did not contact me back the next day
- Called Samsung again, agent contacted Elite Appliance who advised him that the part was, in fact, in and available - they just hadn’t called to schedule an appointment (later discovered that the Elite Appliance service contract with Samsung only provides for low priority, inferior service)
- I then contacted Elite Appliance to schedule an appointment. Was advised at that time that their service plan with Samsung did not include scheduling service calls after work hours or weekends as the warranty service plan was inferior to their direct customer service quality. The technician who had advised us that they did do after work appointments and weekend appointments for follow up calls had informed us incorrectly.
- Scheduled a service call with Elite Appliance for a week later, as it was their first available service window in our area.
- Incurred lost wages in order to be available for Elite Appliance service call
- Elite Appliance service technician attempted to repair the dishwasher only to discover that the replacement part had been shipped damaged. Advised they would have to order a new part (it was three weeks for this part/service call. Same time period is expected for new part/service call)

This is entirely unacceptable.

I reiterate - this is a brand new dishwasher that worked TWICE. 

At this point I expect this issue to be resolved to my satisfaction within 24 hours or I will be contacting Visa to reverse the charge for this item. If it is necessary to reverse the charge I will hold the dishwasher for 1 week during which time Samsung, Elite Appliance or Lowes (original retailer) can pick it up. After 1 week I will deposit the unit for regular garbage pickup (as it is garbage).

There are two satisfactory resolutions I will accept at this point:

a) A replacement dishwasher is provided. This must be a brand new in the box (ie. not refurbished, as I paid for a new appliance that worked only twice and if had wanted a used appliance would have purchased a used appliance). The dishwasher must be of equal or greater value to the unit I purchased.

b)Expedited service is provided to repair the unit I have, including service that does not require any further lost time from our jobs (ie. evening or weekend service) as well as additional compensation from Samsung for the lost time, wages, poor service and frustration caused by this defective product. It is absolutely unacceptable that we have lost working hours as well as had to spend long periods dealing with poor customer service for a brand new appliance and still not have it working after almost a month.

My preference would be to have the dishwasher functioning properly as it was bought to match the Samsung refrigerator and stove in our kitchen, which I am so far pleased with (though, understandably, starting to regret having purchased). I have owned other Samsung products, and know other people who are very happy with their Samsung appliances, so I find it unfortunate that this incident has occurred and soured me on the Samsung brand.

I expect to hear from a Samsung representative within 24 hours regarding this matter, via email or phone. If I have not received further communication within a 24 hour period I will then contact my credit card provider and have the charges reversed due to the product provided being entirely defective.

I eagerly await your response and hope we can come to an acceptable resolution to this untenable situation.
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I've never been more angry at a company
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Brendan Willis

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Letter to samsung

I purchased my dishwasher in mid-may but due to our kitchen counters being delayed could not hook it up until late June. 

The dishwasher worked twice then did not power on. I checked the connections and confirmed that it was receiving power. I called Samsung who initiated a service call with their local service company in Toronto. 

The service technician arrived two hours late and after testing and prodding for an hour determined that the problem was probably in the 'thing that changes AC to DC' and removed the mainboard (i assume this means a voltage converter of some sort). We were advised that they'd get the part and call us to install it in two to five business days. 

Eight business days later I called the local service company to find out what was going on. They told me that the part was not available in Canada and was on back order from overseas. They could not give me any ETA on when the part would be available. They had no information about when they would get the part. The guy on the phone told me unofficially that it could be weeks (but couldn't acutally confirm anything as he had no information as to when the part would be available, though it would be coming from overseas whenever it did become available).

At this point I went from irritated to very irritated. I paid $800 for a brand new dishwasher that worked TWICE. I would now have to wait an indefinite amount of time to have it fixed.

I called Samsung customer support to have this issue resolved. Either by expediting the delivery of the broken part or by replacing the dishwasher with a brand new one (as the dishwasher I have is brand new, having only been used TWICE). 

Samsung first level support transferred me to the ECR department. They guy there said he would email the local repair company to confirm this information over the weekend and personally call me back 'First thing Tuesday morning. 

I received no phone call all day Tuesday.

I called Samsung support back, repeated my story, was put on hold and then told that if I wanted to talk to the ECR department I would have to call back before 9pm EST, Monday to Friday. I explained that I was calling at 6:30 EST on Tuesday. The customer support guy told me that he understood and that nobody was available in the ECR and that I would have to call back before 9pm, EST, Monday to Friday.

This circle of stupidity went around several times, him telling me I had to call back before 9pm when the ECR department was available and me explaining that it was before 9pm. 

I finally agreed to call back in an hour in the hopes that the ECR department would be available. He advised me that he couldn't advise me to do that as he couldn't confirm if the ECR department would be available in an hour (in case you aren't keeping track the conversation went - call before 9pm - it is before 9pm - yes, call before 9pm - fine, i'll call back in an hour at 7:30pm - i can't advise you that they will be available at that time)

So, that's where I am now. This is totally unacceptable. And just so this is very clear I'll put in point form:

- Buy $800 dishwasher
- $800 dishwasher works twice
- Call Samsung, get service tech sent
- Be told it would be fixed in 2 - 5 business days
- Have no contact from service company for 8 business days
- Contact service company and be told the part is not available and they can't give any estimate of when it would be available and the dishwasher would be fixed
- Call Samsung to have this issue resolved (dishwasher fixed or replaced)
- Samsung does not follow up
- Follow up with Samsung, get told that to call back before 9pm (though it is before 9pm)

Having a brand new dishwasher break after 2 uses is unacceptable, having to chase after both samsung and the service company to have anything done and be given the runaround while nothing is being done is absolutely unacceptable from one of the worlds largest electronics and appliance manufacturers.
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They came. Replacement part was broken. They want is to wait another three weeks while they wait for another one
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Brendan Willis

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Thanksgiving 2013
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Brendan Willis

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Brendan Willis

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Brendan Willis

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Guess what Finn found in the mud filled hole? a) diamonds, b) mud
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For the afternoon at least... 45 seconds in the dog park and he found it and dunked himself in.
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