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Just a Nice Geek from Philadelphia
Just a Nice Geek from Philadelphia

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Does anyone know about a simple wireless light system? My basement area has 6 bulbs all on one switch. When I want to watch TV down there, I have to unscrew 2 or 3 bulbs to remove the glare.

I know I could get separate pull string adapters for the bulbs or re-wire the switch. Just thought a beginner system for wireless light control would be a cool feature :)

Hey all quick question for the group mind. My GF is not a fan of games with fighting, so trying to find a low key non-fighting game that she might enjoy. As I am a big gamer, she always feels any game with alot of "strategy" is going to be one I win. So I was thinking something with a good bit of luck as well would be helpful. Any suggestions?

Just thought I would ask, since it is SCCM 2012 related, does anyone have good resources for learning PowerShell? Books? videos? etc? Thanks.

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